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General Forum Rules

  1. Keep the discussions respectful and respectable. Differing opinions, point-of-views, and debate are expected and acceptable. However, insulting posts, belittling, personal attacks, and trolling are not allowed.
  2. Keep threads and posts on topic. Do not post forum topics with vague titles. 
  3. Posting for the sake of increasing post count is not allowed. If you agree with a previous post, simply ‘like’ or upvote the post instead of adding a new post.
  4. Advertising, spamming, and product/service promotion is not allowed. This includes all usage of the site, including but not limited to: the forum, email, visitor messages, any comment system and private message systems.
  5. A member may link to a commercial website in his or her signature only if the member is a direct employee of the company. The member must register with the forum using his or her company e-mail as proof of employment.
  6. Discussion of illegal activities is not allowed. Any posts or threads regarding illegal activities will be deleted.
  7. Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.
  8. Any pictures or attachments are limited to 2 MB in size.
  9. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to modify these rules and take actions, including retroactively, without prior notice.

Classifieds Rules

  1. Special permissions are required to post in the classifieds section. Members must request access from a moderator. The member’s username will be added as a topic in the Feedback section for the use of other members.
  2. Posts other than the buyer or seller in the Feedback section are not allowed. A link to the original listing should be provided for other member’s reference.
  3. Only one feedback post per transaction is allowed. The buyer is allowed one post in the seller’s topic and vice versa.

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