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  • Reloading tips and tricks

    This thread is meant to share the small tricks, tips, or "hacks" we've come up with over the years of reloading. I'll start it off.

    I wet tumble brass using stainless steel media and a Thumler's Tumbler. I wanted to remove the soap/water mix before separating the brass and SS media. I found that a splatter screen, used normally for cooking, is fine enough to not let the small SS pins through. After trimming the mesh with small side-cutters, it can be sealed to the top of the tumbler drum using the same washers and wingnuts to keep all the pins (and brass) inside.

    Click image for larger version

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    What sort of reloading tips do you have?
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

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    I make up dummy cartridges with the different bullets I might be using. I take an unprimed case and set a bullet in it just enough for the neck to grab. I then slowly chamber the round in my rifle and let the throat seat it the rest of the way. That gives me my max COAL to the lands. I use the dummy to set my seating die. Then with the micrometer on my seating die I dial another .xxx". In my case, my rifle seems to like most bullets about .010 off the lands. In most cases these will run through a magazine. In some cases I have had to go .015 or more.


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      i had never heard of wet tumbling will check it out. ​29a I do a similar method I'm looking for a small mark from the lands I like to seat them there and forget about it.
      my tip.... I take advice from a guy twice my age that has been shooting competitively longer than ive been alive. took me a while to listen because I can spend hours reading online peoples advice and reviews of this and that.
      I cant tell you how many things ive bought and tried only to find out tony knew the best thing from experience and talking w/ other shooters at matches. I guess what I'm getting at is the armchair warriors that regurgitate what they have read ten times that was probably just parroted in the first place hasn't panned out to well for me. not saying that's whats going on here, lol.


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        The method I described above came from Warren Page's book "The Accurate Rifle", only he set the extra depth with one (?) turn of the seating die.


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          Wet tumbling has been around for a while. I picked one up last year and I love it. It would get rid of old marks on the brass and clean it inside and out. I like what M40a5 has done with the screen. Im going to have to look into that. Sure beats picking them out one by one. That looks like a time saver. Thanks for posting that.


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            I use my Dillon media separator to separate the ceramic media from the brass.


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              I used walnut shells with a splash of "nu-finish" and it cleans up all but the nastiest brass.

              Then I run strips of white paper towel after the brass is out to clean the media.

              I tried a bunch bunch of things prior but once I discovered that I stuck with it.