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  • M40A1 load data

    Just curious what powders, primers, bullets, you guys been are using? Also I was wondering if you guy use small base dies? Thanks

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    I wouldn't use small base dies for a bolt rifle.

    If it's a Raven match chamber it will be match tight but a regular die will get you were you need to be.

    Im a traditionalist and load 4064 and found a 4895 load that works really well

    8208XBR will make you nice ammo too.

    I stick with 4064 and 4895 because I can use them in my Garand.

    168 or 175 bullets.

    175 if using a Unertl/USO for the drops.
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      IMR4895, Nosler Brass, 175 Sierra Matchkings, Winchester Large Rifle Primers, Forester Benchrest Die set.



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        IMR4064, LC brass, CCI LRP's, Sierra 168-180 MK's and a 30 year old RCBS full length sizing die, Forester seating die.


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          43 gr Varget, 175 smk is a well known accuracy node amongst 308's. If your custom M40 don't shoot that inside 1/2" it aint the rifle. ha

          Good luck,