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    Yes...tried it in 3 actions and with two separate bolts in the m40 build. One ptg and one factory. Was some variance but nothing crazy.


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        Hello I have a new trigger adjustment screw I will give you Remington M24 extra parts kit has one I would try this before sending the trigger out to be fixed if that doesn't work I will replace the M24 trigger with another one I have. Pm your address and I will mail it out tomorrow thank you ,geoff3
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          Hey Geoff! No worries im just going to have this guy work his magic. I kind of want to test him before I potentially swap all my other triggers to walkers

          wasnt going to name you and don't blame you at all. It works... Just not as light as i MYSELF would like. Still appreciate you giving me a good deal on all the parts! They have gotten me in the top 10 in some national events and just this past weekend won a shootout between ROs! The A5 config is still extreamly capable and one of my favorites to shoot!


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            Hello I am happy to help forum members and stand behind everything I sell trade etc ,and your doing good in your matches and thats great I remember you telling about the matches keep us dated I cannot get to the range because of work and weather ,when you find out what the problem is let me know so I can go through the rest of my triggers make sure they are all working correctly thank you geoff3


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              alright everyone just figured I would update and I had a question.

              I ended up having another crack at this trigger, figured anything someone I paid to do I was capable of doing already so I went for it.

              Stoned all of the surfaces and polished everything and stroped the contact surfaces for good measure. Film like layer of slip2000 and lightly wiped to get it even thinner. Put in some Wolff reduce power trigger springs and tuned all of the screws to get it to the lightest possible....still 4#s to make it reliable and not drop the sear.

              Really buckled down and figured I would rip the guts out of my 40x trigger and compare them with the M24 and swap over what I could to see if any of the parts might be out of spec. Low and behold....there is a tiny spring that is supposed to go on the over travel screw that was in my 40x but not in my M24. I pulled it from my 40x trigger and put it in the M24 trigger and was able to get 1lb 8oz. Set the trigger to 2lbs even to give a margin of safety and its as consistent and crisp as my 40x trigger is.

              Really excited to get this trigger figured out as none of this was making any sense to me. My only problem now is where do I find this over travel spring? I dont remember these springs on standard walker triggers and certainly not the Xmark/Xmark pro crap out now that I could just steal from.


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                I thought the 40X had a different spring in them.


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                  the trigger weight spring is different in the 40x, its fatter and shorter. There is a spring on the overtravel screw that i put on the M24 from the 40x trigger. looks like a small cone shaped spring. If you look on the attached picture youll notice a spring on the upper screw.