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Trigger Pull Problem- what would you do?

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  • Trigger Pull Problem- what would you do?

    My M40A1's trigger has never really been all that satisfactory since I had it built. It weighs in where I specified, but is not consistent and "feels" heavier than it weighs. Then I finally noticed this. This is the sear. Notice there is a surface blemish of some kind at the mating surface. It looks like plating peeling, or maybe the surface hardening (MIM?) flaking. What would you do to have it fixed? Is the sear a part that any gunsmith should be able to find and replace? Or should I look to replace the whole trigger assembly?
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    Not sure if that blemish would have any impact on the trigger pull. I've got a bunch of spare sears, and most of them show some kind of wear (usually surface rubbing) at that spot, as that's where the bolt has tension against when locked, if I'm not mistaken?

    Anyway, I'll send over one of the sears to you if you want to swap it out and see if it improves anything. If that doesn't work, you may have to get the trigger inspected, cleaned and maybe re-tuned.

    PM me your address and I'll drop a sear off to you.


    • Skunk
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      Agreed. That surface is just for the striker/cocking piece to engage.

      The "feel" of the trigger is controlled by the engagement, over travel, and weight adjustments. This is the little screw on the back, and two screws on the front of the trigger body, respectively.

    • SemperFi
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      Thanks, kft. I'll send you a pm.
      I thought a polish/hone job would have been standard for a custom build, but I highly doubt anything but turning screws was done based on the way it feels.

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    I see what you guys are saying. The sear just "drops" once the trigger sear clears the notch, so that surface shouldn't affect the "feel".

    I'd like to have this trigger gone over by a competent gunsmith, meaning polishing/honing the mating surfaces, and I'd like to have the sear replaced at that time. If a gunsmith needs the whole rifle to properly make the adjustments, then I'd like to find someone local so I don't have to ship it or remove the scope.
    You can take a Marine out of the Corps, but you can't take the Corps out of a Marine.