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  • Rem 700 right out of the box

    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this.....
    purchased a new Rem 700 awhile back and put it in a McMillan M40A1 stock. Took it to a friend's range in CT and had a number of failure to fire. Checked the primers and noticed light strikes on each. We changed the bolt from another rifle and no more ftfs. I purchased a new Wolf spring and firing pin and will give it a try next time I go up to my friends range.

    Do you think that changing the spring and firing pin will solve the problem?

    I should mention that I replaced the stock Rem trigger with a Romney two stage trigger. Being predominantly a M14 Rifle shooter, I'm used to a two stage trigger. Bolt guns are new to me.

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    Should have said Timney not anti-virus sucks!


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        On my 700 w/j-lock firing pin, I had to cut a bunch of coils off to keep it from binding up. I think it had a long action spring. Maybe you got a XP-100 spring!
        Fyi, cold temperatures will effect a weak spring to cause the problems that you had.



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          It wasn't cold at all when we shot it.


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            It's the trigger believe it or not!
            Take the Timney out and it will work ; )


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              We swapped bolts and it worked like a champ. I have the same Timney trigger in my M40 and have no issues with it.


              • deltawiskey
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                It has to do with the sear engagement... I had a new rifle that did the exact same thing with a Timney trigger, I traded out the trigger and haven't had a single issue with light strikes.
                I have three other rifles with a Timney trigger and have never had an issue....

              • Hawk
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                I certainly hope it's not an issue with all Romney triggers as I really like to shoot two stage. I will change out the trigger if need be as I have a spare Timney two stage.

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              It's not a good idea to swap bolts between rifles unless you know for a fact the headspace (bolt face to case shoulder) is set the same on both.
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