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DIY Bottom Metal Bedding Advice?

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  • DIY Bottom Metal Bedding Advice?

    Any advice on DIY bottom metal bedding at home?

    It's for an M40A3 rig. The rig is already built with the action bedded to the stock, but I want to swap out the bottom metal. The inlet is already opened up for the new bottom metal and it screws in fine, but I'd like to bed the new bottom metal as well, and it's not worth the cost to ship it out to have someone else do it.

    Also looking for any sources of such small quantities of Marine-tex needed for this job, as well as new action screws (the heavy duty hex head ones like those with Badger or DD Ross bottom metal).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Marine-Tex makes a 2oz, 14oz, and a 32oz kit. You could get away with the 2oz kit for such a small job but I would get the 14oz to be safe. Brownells carries all of them though they are out of stock at the moment.

    For release agent, I’ve had good luck with this stuff:

    As for the action screws, I get mine from PT&G:

    At $12/set, I keep 2 or 3 sets on hand just in case.

    With bedding compound, ALWAYS make and USE a little more than you think you’ll need. Let that stuff squeeze right out when you torque the action screws. I don’t have access to a mill to clean up my bedding jobs so I watch it like a hawk and use an Exacto knife to clean it up while the material is still a little tacky.

    Lastly, prep work is key! Just like in painting, that bedding compound will go wherever the fuck it wants to so tape, clay, or put release agent on anything the bedding can touch, even the action screws. If you do it right, there will be bedding all up inside the pillars. Use a drill bit to clean those up.

    Hope this helps man.


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      I agree with everything SBG says, except for one point.... using the action screws to pull the bottom metal into the bedding. The purpose of bedding (receivers, bottom metal, etc) is to achieve stress-free mating of parts. Plus, if you push bedding compound up into the action with the screws, it'll be a pain in the ass to get out of threads and other places like locking lug recesses....

      With the action out of the stock, and the stock positioned bottom metal up, you should be able to just push the metal into the bedding compound and let it set up like that. You can put some tape over it to keep it in place if you want, but you shouldn't need to.

      No offense meant, just that everyone has his own procedure/method.


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        If you have a west marine store near by they sell Marine Tex