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A. Question about USMC Glock 19 pistols

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  • A. Question about USMC Glock 19 pistols

    Does anyone have any close up pictures of usmc. Issued glock pistols. I am curious to know if there is any USMC markings

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    From what I have been told by the guys that use them, there are no special markings. Most are plain black Glock 19s with the crappy polymer sights. There are a few with threaded barrels and night sights but the mass majority are plain. I was told by a 100% reliable source that there is a Glock 26 pistol at one of the MRB armories that is a floater. It isn't assigned to anyone in particular and gets ECR'd out. It has supposedly seen more action than most of the weapons in the armory and is beat up but works like a champ.

    All USMC weapon are getting the QR codes put on them for inventory purposes but I have heard that a few of those guns don't have it. This has been confirmed by some of the end users and some Armorers and Gunsmiths that work there.


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      Thanks for that info!!!!! I may have to add a new Glock 19 to the collection now


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        If you are near a Marine Corps Exchange, hit them up. They sell them for $437.99 out the door at Camp Lejeune!!!


        • Stevo86
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          That's a dang good price, think I gave 509.95 for mine a few weeks ago. It's a 2 tone tho so maybe they are alittle more?

        • Game Warden
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          Two tone or colored Glocks are always more. $509.95 is a great price for a new two tone!