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New member question about protocol

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  • New member question about protocol

    Is this forum primarily for military pistols, or anything 1911-related? Just curious, I'm no 1911 expert, just a 1911 enthusiast. Cold snap here in the north, trying to stay indoors and entertained.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum there is some good information on MEUSOC 1911's history and who builds them ,geoff3


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      I was just wondering since this subforum doesn't seem to get a whole lot of traffic. Since everybody likes pictures, would it be wrong to post this? Its rough, had the USP/inspector markings scrubbed at some point in its life. Other than that its an all-1918 pistol. Had a .22 conversion unit on it when I found it, tried to piece it back together more correct.

      If this area is more for MEUSOC pistols, is this ok? Not correct or legit for sure, since it was just put together with parts in my bin. More of an homage to them, put together the way it works best for me (sans ambidextrous safety and beaver tail). Also kind of a guinea pig for my backyard amateur "smithing", I recessed the barrel and re-crowned it and made myself a rat tail grip safety to retain the commander-type hammer that was on it when I bought it. It had a drop in beaver-tail grip safety which I didn't like, so I carved out an A1 type to make it work. Afterwards found out its a real thing I could have just bought. Factory de-horning, one of few I've held in the flesh.

      I had to work around the trigger job done to it before I had it, because it was so light and crisp I didn't want to mess with that.