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  • XM24 questions

    Hey fellas, I recently inherited a clone correct M24, with the one caveat that it is chambered in 300 WinMag not 308.

    I’ve never seen a picture picture of an XM24 fielded with the original M24 trim like I have: HS precision stock, etc. Were any fielded that way?

    If I were to make this more correct, do I need an early accuracy international stock? Something else? I imagine I’d also need to upgrade the scope from the Leupold Ultra fixed 10x?

    Any/all feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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    The only XM24 I have heard off is the one in the NRA museum. A Rem 700 in 300 win mag, hs precision stock, 1/12 twist Rock barrel. This was apparently an early prototype for the M24. As for M24's in 300 win mag, Remington made the M24 for both the mitary and civilian market. Its not unusual to find a real M24 in 300 win mag. As for the military purchase of M24's in 300 win mag caliber, well to be honest, I don' know of any.


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      With regards an ai stock. AI actually made a run of stocks for the M24 which were long action but used the 308 mags, this was a solicitation for the chassis system and only a certain number were made.


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        Thanks for your replies.

        There was a thread on the old Hide site a long time ago-I haven’t been back there much since the new site-where some BTDT types said there were a few of them in use in the early GWOT (I want to say with Army SF?) that had the AI stocks?

        A buddy of mine has the Poyer US sniper book, and that says it was fielded with an aluminum Remington chassis stock.?


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          Hello Kahune post some pictures of the XM24-M24 rifle I never heard of a XM24 I looked at the one in the NRA museum and learned something new ,thank you geoff3


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              Looks like my reply under the photo got lost. What
              I wanted to say is this:

              Since I’m looking at this particular rifle as a collector piece and not a shooter, what’s the best path to make this as accurate a .mil clone as possible with the least effort?

              So I had thought this was, “as-is”, an XM24 clone. If that turns out not to be the case (??), what’s my best path to a good 99% accurate .mil clone? An AI stock? A different scope?

              Or should I just put a correct .308 barrel on it, sell the 300WM and call it a day as a M24 clone?


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                Hello it looks like a M24 300-Win Mag with MARS rail Leupold Ultra-10X-M3 ARD I like the way the rifle looks I wouldn't change anything just my 2 cents ,geoff3


                • deltawiskey
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                  I agree with you geoff3, I'd leave it as is also...its Bad-Ass!

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                A small number of M24A2 rifles were evaluated. Detachable magazine in 300 Win Magnum, MARs Rail, suppressor, improves HS Precison stock, etc.