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  • M110 info needed

    so I’ve decided to try to get my SR25 Enhanced Match Rifle as close to .mil as possible. This will involve removing the Griffin Armament RSTA brake (and suppressor to go on a Tikka T3 Tac most likely. My new A1 is my only 7.62 bolt gun and I’m not suppressing it so I need another bolt gun for subsonic stealth mode shooting) and getting a flash hider spun up. I say spun up because my muzzle is currently threaded 5/8x24 and the M110 flash hider is 3/4 x 24. Someone else I ran across had an M110 flash hider made in 5/8x24 and I’m trying to get the person who made that one to make one for me. The only issue is I’ll either need to provide a blueprint, an M110 flash hider for him to pick specs off of or just buy an M110 flash hider and use a thread adapter. I want to be able to use the M110 suppressor so I know the dimension from the end of the flash hider to the gas block notches needs to be pretty close to perfect. Does anyone here have any info, specs etc. that may help me in this endeavor? Thanks in advance.
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