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Found a Navy M14 SSR stock - so another project begins...

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  • Found a Navy M14 SSR stock - so another project begins...

    Well, I was perusing the website, looking at the McMillan stocks they were liquidating, and spotted something a bit unusual: A plan tan M3A stock the M14 selector cut, but no buttpad or bipod swivels installed. Hardware for cheek piece included but the hole for adjustment knob is present but not yet threaded. (Those 3 things are easy enough to do, assuming the correct buttplate can be obtained).

    So I took a chance and bought it, as it looked exactly like a Navy Sniper Security Rifle (SSR) stock, but for some reason it was never finished and had not been delivered to the Navy. BTW, the Navy/Crane shop put out a bid for these stocks in 2006:

    Stock arrived yesterday, I cleaned off the tape residue and took some pics. I discovered a minor flaw/blemish in the molding process on the bottom of the stock near the magazine inlet. My guess is this blemish caused the stock to fail McMillan's internal Q/C review, and thus they did not finish the stock with the buttplate or bipod studs per the Navy's RFP requirement. I guess it sat around a while, and at some point decided to let gunstox liquidate it for them - to my benefit. So, I ordered the bipod stud's from McMillan and I'm working on getting the correct 1" buttpad. In the meantime a buddy is sending me a tan SSR take-off rear handguard that should hopefully match this stock. (McMillan can paint an M14 handguard the same tan color as the stock, turn around is about 2 I'll probably do that to have a spare).

    So, I didn't really plan on doing an SSR replica, but given that these M3A stocks are discontinued, and I found this stock at a decent price, I guess I'll try to build one once I finish my other projects. The primary challenge of course is obtaining a scope mount that resembles the unique Navy SSR scope mount, which might require me to convince a machinist to fabricate a replica of the Navy mount....hmm .
    Anyhow, this will be a challenging but hopefully fun project for 2018. (In addition to the SSR scope mount dilemma, I'll need to collect a Krieger heavy profile carbon steel barrel, a Leupold Mk 4 10x scope with M1 turrets, Leupold Tactical rings, and of course a donor M1A rifle/receiver...)

    Attached are pics for anyone interested...
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    Cool project


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      This will be a cool project. I cant wait to see the build when its done. The biggest hurdle will be the scope mount like you said. But always the search will be fun.


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        Can’t wait to see the finished product.. great find with that stock.


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          The SSR scope mount is still the unicorn, unfortunately. I know of one original, but I think I'll have to have a machinist make a replica..unless someone knows where to find one of these unicorns (see attached pic #1)
          I did buy the correct Leupold Mk 4 M1 10x fixed powder scope and an extra set of vintage Leupold Ultra Tactical rings.
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            I was wondering if you had the mount, I have never seen one personally ... I do know they are out there.


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              "I do know they are out there."

              ...If you spot one please let me know... I'm a highly motivated buyer
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                Will do for sure