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Starting 2 USMC shooting team builds

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  • Starting 2 USMC shooting team builds

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    I'll see if I can find you some pics of my old gun. I thought the barrel was a 10 twist, but I doubt I have a pic of the markings. It was built on a TRW receiver. It shot really well with AA11(M118LR).


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      Here is a photo of my USMC DMR prototype RTE take off barrel dated 8-97. Its a medium heavy weight 1-12. The mid 1990’s- August 1998 DMR prototype’s had a black McMillan M2A stock with a single screw saddle riser. In August 1998 the Marine Corps Systems Command negotiated three sole source commercial item contracts for scope mounts, rings, and barrels. McMillan supplied 253 green M2A stocks for the DMR, GG&G supplied 253 of their scope mounts and 253 sets of 30mm rings and both Mike Rock and Krieger barrels were used on the DMR. Gus Fisher was the SNCOIC of the RTE shop in the mid 1990’s and was there when the DMR was first accepted and prototypes initiated and he stated that the very first DMR prototypes had a 1-12 Barnett Medium Heavy Barrel.
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        Contact Isaac Mckaskill at Cassatt Gunworks. He built the M14 that still holds the range four record at Quantico. Old retired 2112. One of the best M14 armorers you will find. Jealous on the desert stock. I have been looking for one for a long time.


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          +1 on Isaac!!!

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        Originally posted by USMCSGT0331 View Post
        My next step is trying to find correct receivers. I can't get an actual M14 receiver, so what's the closest I can get?
        Sending you a txt. I know you like the 'real' stuff .


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          Ohhhh, Canada!

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          Is the selector switch mount welded closed on those?

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          Yes. But easily fixed. Just drill the hole. It was mandatory to have it welded for import purposes (Canada).

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        And you will also need the correct stickers!

        If I ever manage to get a few hours to myself I am going to reproduce the correct version in photoshop. You know Ill hook you up. The ones sold on are not exactly correct which is why I am going to do it right . The orange one says Rifle and Pistol instead of Shooting Team and the colors are a little off. Correct ones attached below.


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          Hello I have 2 of the newer style shooting team stock stickers the yellow one is the version I was told they used the yellow sticker from the 1950's -70's and changed to the orange style stickers and was given one sticker and tee shirt .geoff3


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            Last month I picked up an old M1A match rifle build rifle that looks like it may have been built with USMC rifle take-off parts. I bought it mainly b/c I wanted an early McMillan stock and I like the USMC team barrel on it. Stock is the 4-color woodland pattern and I kind-of prefer the 3-color forest stocks, but it still an early stock with a slightly smear-like pattern. All parts appear to be USGI except receiver. Here's my observations, some of which show things I have not seen before. I'm pretty sure it was built by a military armor using some take-off military match parts like the vintage M14 stock, barrel, sights, trigger group, etc.

            Left side (you can see the impression of faux screw inlet and slight smear pattern of this old stock, indicative of a 1980s era McMillan stock):

            Right side (if you look closely you can see where the M14 rear selector switch area was filled, but not the front cut for the connector rod):

            Bedding is unsual - its yellowish (hard to see under florescent lighting - but its yellow and yucky looking)

            Bottom of stock ferrule polished (once I took off that hand-painted brown paint that someone applied):

            Several parts were highly polished on this rifle, including the bottom of the bolt and front of its lugs, also shown is a USGI-type fabricated NM spring guide:

            Trigger group electrostenciled with last 4 digits of some other rifle (probably a team-built NM M14). Bottom of bolt is highly polished and reflective.
            Good news? Trigger pull is 4.5 lbs (4 lbs 7.7 ozs per my digital Lyman gauge, so it has a match trigger job):

            The most unusual thing on this rifle is the op rod, it is worn on the outer side area, and highly polished on bottom and the area that was grinded away to presumably clear a front lugged receiver. Bottom op rod is a standard WRA op rod, so you can compare the two.

            ...(Downside: Op rod tab is worn and measures about .086" wide and .313" tall, so I am having the the op rod tab rebuilt, and I'll have the op rod re-parked afterwards):

            Barrel markings on medium weight Barnett/Douglas, 1:12 twist, USMC match barrel ("USMC 4 GR 1 12 7 62 MM 7 90")...

            ...Throat erosion of the USMC barrel measures 2.0 max. I was worried it might read 3.5 or 4, but the barrel still has lots of life left, which was my primary concern.

            ...and I thought this rifle would have a gas cylinder unitized via welding, as done on USMC/Navy M14s, but was surprised to see that it actually has an AMU type unitized gas cylinder - but with a twist. The back of the two screws that unitize the gas cylinder and stock ferrule were welded at the ferrule, so no chance of the screw backing out. (I gauged it and its still in-spec)

            Anyhow, that's the rifle overall, a few rough edges but overall an interesting vintage match rifle. I'm going to send the vintage stock to McMillan so they can put it on their milling machine and restore the selector switch area that was filled, clean out the old bedding, and probably have it inletted for a rear-lugged receiver. They will redo the gel coat and touch up the M14 selector switch area as needed. The stock doesn't seem to have any other issues, other then I might put a nicer buttplate on it.

            Plans: I have one SAI receiver with a welded-on lug that I think belongs on this rifle, so I'll be moving this barrel to that receiver at some point. (USMC team rifles were either rear lugged or double lugged). Once I get it back from McMillan (after 6 or 8 months I'm guessing), I hope to have it bedded in MarineTex by an old USMC 2112 sometime in 2019. It will remain a replica of a USMC match rifle. I've wanted a USMC looking match rifle with this type of stock.
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              That's a sweet rifle random guy! Please keep us posted on your project!!