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USMC M14 DMR project parts 2018

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  • USMC M14 DMR project parts 2018

    Collected parts for a USMC DMR replica project. Was hoping to have a 2112 build this one, but with no hobby lobby, its been gathering dust...
    ...but it should be neat once its built (mount is the SEI used on late DMRs and not the early GG&G, but other than that, I'm happy with the parts I collected)

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    Looks like a fine collection of parts.. I can’t wait to see it complete


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      Yes, other than my irrational desire for that vintage GG&G part, I am happy with the parts collected...(hint...;-p)
      The retired 2112 wont' get to this one for quite some time, but it should be nice when completed.


      • deltawiskey
        deltawiskey commented
        Editing a comment
        I tried to pm you but your mailbox is full.
        If you don't mind my asking...approximately how much do you/will you have invested in building this rifle once it is completed?
        I'm considering some different rifles/builds and I'm looking at some budget plans.
        Thank you very much!