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    Hello I traded some items and ended up with this upper don't know to much about AR'S .It has PRI on the rail .And its very lightweight too my friend said that I made out good can someone tell me about this set up thank you, geoff3
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    Sent you a PM response in our other conversation.

    It s a PRI handguard I think they are carbon fiber.

    It's Mk12 Mod0ish. Needs a full length PEQ rail, Douglas barrel and Ops Inc muzzle device. The uppers were generally Colts.
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      Never heard of the Douglas barrel being used but I wouldn't be surprised. My SAM-R and Mark-12 had Storm Lake barrels.

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    Gonna have to shoot heavy bullets with that twist.


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      Heavy bullets are sweet. 77 grains and an AR are like peanut butter and jelly.