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Need Winchester 52 help

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  • Need Winchester 52 help

    About a week ago, my son found this in the carpet while he was vacuuming.

    Recognizing it as a quality blued part, and remembering I had my Winchester 52C action out of the stock around that part of the house a week prior, I suspected the broken screw head was from the Winchester. For the life of me I couldn't think where a screw head could have been broken off during my gunsmithing session.

    Having the rifle out, I found out where the screw head came from. (The empty hole ahead of the visible receiver bolt head in the bolt way)

    I believe this is a trigger housing screw. I never touched that screw during my gunsmithing.

    Here's the thing. My rifle league season starts tomorrow. I've been doing a lot of dry firing, and even live fired the rifle to settle the action after reassembling the rifle. It performed without a far, so I know it can be fired without that screw doing its job...again, so far.
    Is the trigger housing attached to the receiver at another point? Maybe a cross pin? Or is this screw its only attachment? Might it be possible to shoot through the season without that screw? I have a screw on order, but I don't like tearing in to firearms in the midst of an active shooting season, in case I run into further problems and render the weapon inoperable for an extended period of time. I may not even be able to remove what's left of the screw in the housing.

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