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The problem with looking is eventually you find stuff.

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  • The problem with looking is eventually you find stuff.

    Some of you know I’m looking for a .22 target rifle. Basically a trainer but I’m not going to make an M40 out of it or anything.

    Today in one of the local spots I found some Anschuntz rifles. These are the Savage/Anschuntz models. From what I can gather, Savage was the distributor during this time frame.

    Anyway, looking for input on this particular one. Sights (Redfield Olympic) in tact and it comes with a Case sling and accessories- I don’t know exactly what is included.

    Looks clean and well cared for. Not flawless but nice. Good blueing and wood finish is original and nice.

    Many reason to avoid? What’s a typical price for something like this?

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    Hey J!m, just fyi....I have seen several USMC Remington 40X .22RF on Gunbroker and GunsInternational over the past several months. They seem to have been going for just under a gand usually. The .22's are "usually" just under a $1000-1500 bucks. Just an idea for ya....Think there is a US Property marked one listed now on Gunsinternational now for $1400ish......I bought one about a year or so ago with a Weaver T10 for $1400
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      Thanks for the heads up. I’m leaning toward the Anschuntz offerings and this one, though the most expensive on offer, is well below $1000.

      I’d rather put the big bucks toward an M24.

      One if the two local shops had an indoor range. I wanted to see if they might allow a rimfire rifle for noon time dot drills...


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        Right on.....Cant go wrong that way ether. Good luck with the hunt....The .22 is super cheap fun and is a great way to practice your fundamentals.