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F/S: Remington 40X 40-X International Match Trigger Benchrest Adjustable

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  • F/S: Remington 40X 40-X International Match Trigger Benchrest Adjustable

    Early Remington 40x International Match benchrest trigger assembly, designed by Hart for Remington.

    This is one of the first if not the first design of benchrest trigger for the Remington 700, dating from the early 60s.

    Apparently there is more info in the book BENCHREST ACTIONS & TRIGGERS By Stuart Otteson, unfortunately I do not have a copy, I've only seen a reference to it online, and was not able to find any web-based info I could add to the listing

    Adjustable from approx 1.5-2oz to 6oz. No safety, no bolt release. This is made for target use only and would likely be unwise to use in situations where you'd need a safety anyways. Has the original two piece sear design. Trigger blade is adjustable fore and aft for length of pull adjustment. Adjustable for weight, takeup, and overtravel.

    Due to the semi-custom nature of this trigger, minor modification to your stock and/or trigger guard may be necessary. The adjustment screws will need to be adjusted to work in your specific rifle, this should not be considered a "drop in" part, if you don't feel confident making these adjustments yourself have a gunsmith do it.

    Trigger has been completely detail stripped, ultrasonically cleaned, and reassembled.

    As with all firearm firing components, gunsmith installation is recommended.

    $240/ea shipped.

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    REDUCED to $220/ea shipped.


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      Christmas drop, $200/ea shipped.


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        New Years drop, $180/ea shipped.


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          Center trigger sold, remaining triggers dropped to $160/ea shipped.


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            Another week, another drop.

            $140/ea for either of the remaining two triggers, inc shipping.


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              Down to $120/ea shipped.