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M40A1 Scope bases for the people asking me for them

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  • M40A1 Scope bases for the people asking me for them

    I am receiving MANY requests from members here asking for M40A1 Scope bases. I RARELY use this forum but it seems that most of the referrals are coming forums members here. Feel free to pass the word. I am making a batch of bases for my favorite and finer commercial rifle builders. If anyone needs or wants a base NOW IS THE TIME TO contact me. Most everyone here has my email and or phone number. Text me if you prefer. I am going to take orders for a couple weeks then build the parts. Please contact me directly for details. Those of you who have already worked out something with me are already on my list. I only offer these occasionally. They are not a regular part of our day to day, this is a side project we do from time to time only. SO PLEASE DONT GET LEFT OUT. IF YOU NEED OR THINK YOU WILL NEED A M40A1 SCOPE BASE PLEASE CONTACT ME.

    For the newer members who are not familiar with us, I build USMC spec parts occasionally, I have been doing this ON THE SIDE since 2011. All of our stuff is USMC spec and museum quality. I will bump my feedback so folks here who don't know our stuff can make an informed decision.

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    2man’s good to go from all our past dealings together. Great to hear another run of the A1 mounts are going to be made soon.


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      I have few customers asking about these sets, would you post contact info for the uninformed?


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        Checks in the mail, thanks