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WTS or WTT McMillan M40A3 M40A5 A4 Stock

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  • WTS or WTT McMillan M40A3 M40A5 A4 Stock

    Well, since the hide forum's buy/sell/trade section has gone pay-to-play, looks like this is one of the last bastions of this little niche corner of the interwebs where I can swap spec parts with like-minded folks without having to worry if I've paid my monetary dues or not.

    So here goes.

    Got a McMillan A4 stock in M40A3 M40A5 configuration that I would like to trade for a McMillan A2 stock (preferably in molded-in forest camo or molded-in OD green) plus cash to even out the trade, or if no takers for that trade, will sell outright for $1035 shipped CONUS.

    The A4 stock is pretty much USMC spec, inlet for Badger M5 DBM, opened up for aluminum pillars (not included or installed), but has the latest Gen 3 single-knob saddle cheek piece. Supposedly a few late M40A5s used the single-knob saddle, or you can remove it and tape some iso mat on top of the butt, USMC field style.
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