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USMC Vietnam M40 and collection for sale

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  • USMC Vietnam M40 and collection for sale

    Hello, I'm new to the forum; I've been on here before but just joined. I have been collecting USMC Vietnam stuff for years, and am debating selling my entire collection, but for various reasons am letting all of the sniper stuff go. I have a virtually complete collection; about all that is missing is the Redfield lens covers, standard cleaning kit/cleaning brush, ruptured cartridge extractor, Redfield sight manual, the Protecto Kaddy case, and the M49 spotting scope and plastic carrying case. I have the complete rifle for sale and it may or may not be a clone , but all of the components are correct. From all of my research, the only mistakes on it are the markings on the scope base, the scope is not serial numbered, and the last 3 of the serial number are stamped on the underside of the bolt. All of this can be easily corrected; I talked to a gentleman that does pantograph markings that said he could fix it.

    I have for sale the following: M40 rifle w/O.D. canvas sling
    5 boxes of 7.62 M118 match, 1965/66/67/68/69 dated
    M42A1 canvas carrying case for the M49 spotting scope tripod
    a NM leather sling new in the wrap dated 5/65 , correct for later M40's
    a vintage complete Marble's brass cleaning rod kit
    M17A1 7X50 binoculars, O.D., w/O.D. M63A1 plastic carrying case
    M13A1 6X30 binoculars, black, w/O.D. M62A1 plastic carrying case (both w/artillery scale)
    M1 filter for both binoculars
    Butler Creek lens covers
    extra original mint M40 buttplate w/2 screws
    2 rear Remington 513T sling swivels (w/wood threading)
    a rear Redfield Jr. 1" ring, marked 1-66 on bottom

    Books/manuals: The Complete Book of U.S. Sniping/The One Round War, both by Peter Senich
    Collecting the American Sniper Rifle 1945-2000 by Joe Poyer
    October 1966 and January 1968 Guns and Ammo magazine (both have articles on USMC snipers in Vietnam)
    SL-4-05539A Marine Corps stocklist manual/Repair Parts list for Rifle, 7.62mm M40, FSN 1005-930-5444, January 1972
    SL-4-00468A Marine Corps stocklist manual/Repair Parts list for Binocular, M17A1, FSN 6650-530-0974
    FMFM 1-3B Sniping, date stamped Nov 11 1969 on cover, missing rear cover (yes, it's an original)
    TM 9-6650-212-12 manual for Telescope, Observation, M49 w/e October 1969, w/C1 and C2 from 1973/1974
    TM 9-1240-372-34P, Maint/Parts manual for Binoculars M3/M7/M13/M13A1/M15A1/M16/M17A1, July 1972
    TM 9-1240-372-10, Operators Manual for (all binocs listed above), July 1976
    TM 9-1240-372-12P Operators and Org Maint Repair Parts and Tools list (for all binocs listed above), July 1972
    TM 9-1580 Ordnance Maint for Binoculars M3/M7/M8/M9/M13/M13A1/M15/M15A1/M16/M17/M17A1 and BC Telescope M65, February 1953 w/C1 from 1955
    TM 9-6650-211-12, Operational and Organizational Maintenance, Binocular M17A1, Jan 1960, w/C1 from June 1963
    small commercial Redfield instruction book for the Accu-Range/Accu-Trac scope, dated 1977.

    Everything is pretty much mint shape except for the FMFM 1-3B Sniping manual. I have plenty of pictures of everything.

    Now for the M40 rifle specs. I got this from a USMC Vietnam vet that lived near Camp Pendleton years ago that has since passed away.
    The receiver is a short action Remington 700 marked, serial number 320118, w/U.S. markings above serial number. Receiver is clip slotted, w/flat head safety and short bolt plug. The bolt has 320118 engraved on the underside, and is hand stamped 118 on the underside of the bolt handle, w/slight finish wear on the bolt body. I called Remington and gave them the serial number and they said it was made in 1968.
    The barrel is 24" Varmint type, 1 in 10" twist, stamped UDN 41 on the left side, which dates it to September 1966. It is NOT marked 7.62 NATO. According to Poyer's book, most replacement barrels made after 1968 had this marking. I asked the lady at Remington if it was possible that they made the barrel in 66 and that they could have had it on hand to put in a receiver made two years later and she said definitely yes. I think this barreled action/rifle was a replacement based on this info. The right side of the barrel is stamped w/ a "T" in a triangle, "REP" in a flattened oval, and cross or + stamp. No rust or pitting; bore is perfect and has the VPI rod inserted into it. No target crown and no other markings. Receiver and barrel are both parkerized.
    The stock is walnut, w/the brass reinforcing rod to the right of the bolt, and has the flattened/raised area behind the safety lever. Sling swivels are the Remington 513T w/the visible rivet thru the base, parkerized. Rear swivel is screwed directly into wood, front swivel is machine head screwed into metal escutcheon. Linseed oil finished, BDL type.
    The buttplate is perfectly flush with the sides of the stock and black on the sides, not bare aluminum. Marked REMINGTON. Has correct and original O.D. canvas sling w/parkerized metal, mint. Stock is mint.
    Has single sear, not dual. Floor metal is anodized aluminum, blued in appearance. One tiny scratch on floorplate. Trigger pull feels about 4.5-5 lbs. Follower legs have not been ground off.
    Scope base is the Redfield Jr.; looks to be either matte blued or parkerized, gray in appearance. 320118 is stamped in the side, which should have been engraved. Stamped 40X on bottom side, and the R in the circle on the right side. The rings are blued Redfield Jr., both marked 1-66 on the bottom. Right at mint, screw slots are not buggered up.
    The scope is the 3X-9X Redfield Accu-Range, serial number Y17856. It is matte black in appearance and the optics are clear. Tombstone range finder decal is perfect and scope/power ring works fine. This has the high turret caps, not the flat, low ones.

    Overall, I would rate this rifle at 99%. Rifle appears unfired, and I have not shot it; it is just too nice the way it is. I think the base rifle is complete and original and was a replacement rifle, and I think the scope and mount were added later. Again, the mistakes are that the scope is not serial numbered to the rifle, and the finish and hand stamped scope base is wrong, as is the last 3 stamped on the underside of the bolt handle. All of this can be fixed and made correct. This is how I got the rifle and have done nothing to it. I am listing this as a complete collection only; I am not willing to part out any of the parts/accessories/books/manuals. I want to sell everything in one transaction. Am asking $7500 for the whole collection. Serious inquiries only please. I have plenty of photos of everything, available upon request. Please PM or email at Thanks much for looking. Bert

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