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Texas Brigade Armory M40A1 with USO MST-100

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  • Texas Brigade Armory M40A1 with USO MST-100

    Reposting from Sniper's Hide. This is a very cool website but I post more over there under the same user name. If anyone would like to verify this is no scam, please contact moderator Rob01....he knows me and would vouch for me.

    I can't believe I'm selling this but I'm not giving it the attention it deserves. It sits in my safe and has barely been used. I did some training on this rifle in the Marine Corps in Guantanamo Bay in 1987. We had a Scout Sniper Instructor there and the rifles in the armory, so he put on his own abbreviated course. I never held the MOS and dumb ass me, being short, never went to the trouble to get the course entered into my SRB. All I have is an old Rifle Card for my M40A1, ser# 221564/1304.

    I knew I wanted one of my own someday. With all the restrictions on owning a MST-100, it took many years to realize that dream.

    I purchased the rifle from someone on Snipers Hide in 2004. I was in Najaf, Iraq, on a MWR computer, and saw the rifle for sale. I remember there being under 100 rounds fired from it....I want to say 40 was the round count but I'm not sure. A short time later, I found the USO MST for sale, brand new. I remember meeting Terry Cross and his shooting partner at the 1st Sniper's Hide was one of them that won the scope at a competition and was selling it at a great price. I jumped on it for I want to say $1200 if I remember correctly. After I got home, I sent everything to George at GA Precision. He checked it out, fixed a slight clip slotting error, and added the authentic USMC one piece base/rings. He took it to the range and said it shot great..... it was a 1/2 moa gun he said. I no longer have the emails, but I believe George said the barrel was a Hart. Great, I was thankful for George looking into it as there were TBA horror stories at the time......not for any quality issue, but the huge wait times.

    I rotated home from Iraq in 2007 and was able to go to that years Carlos Hathcock shoot in New Jersey. Our team was Rob01, Tony G, me and Kevin Drake. Kevin could not make it last minute. We picked up some old former Marine who used his crusty old deer rifle and we won. There were some exotic calibers and some powerful scopes. I wanted to honor the Corps and the Gunny so I brought this rifle. Rob and Tony did most of the heavy scoring but me and my M40A1 held our own. I've barely shot it since.

    Total round count is 477.

    It's a beautiful rifle and piece of history, and it pains me to sell it....but I want it to go to someone who will use it and love it.

    Will sell complete rifle/scope, with bipod (Harris 6-9 BRM, swivel with notched legs). Other extras include brand new never used, Triad Tactical Stock Pack in OD green, and Butler Creek Flip up caps for the MST-100. Spanner wrench for scope and all allen keys also included. I'll include a used but perfectly fine Lucas Bore Guide and Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod.

    Shipped in a hard case to your FFL for $5700 or best offer. No trades please. If you have any questions or would like more pictures, let me know.

    From TBA website below

    TBA M40A1 USMC STANDARD RIFLE with optional new Unertl 10X Scope. Stock is McMillan’s smooth (unstippled) general purpose hunting (HTG). Rifle shown has the standard 24” heavy barrel, Wichita Engineering swivels and .6” Pachmayer recoil pad.
    The Marine Corps’ M40A1 is still considered by many to be simply the best tactical long range rifle for many reasons. McMillan’s General Purpose Hunting stock handles well and the reduced size and weight of the stock is preferred over many of the other types of stocks found on other tactical rifles. The M40A1 is well suited for “every clime and place” as demonstrated in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many world wide conflicts since its adoption. Although the new M40A3 was introduced as a replacement for the M40A1, the A1 is still the preferred rifle for many Marine snipers and the Corps continues to build new A1 rifles as well as refurbish and re-issue current inventory.

    • TBA Remington 700 Barreled Action with 24" or 26", 12" Twist, S/S Sniper Taper Barrel, Krieger or Mike Rock
    • Smooth (or stipled) McMillan General Purpose Hunting Sock in epoxy molded Forest Camo (other colors available)
    • Receiver is Clip Slotted and “U.S.” marked, drilled and tapped for iron sight bases
    • “7.62 NATO” marked barrel
    • Blackened Steel Machined Follower
    • Blackened Firing Pin Indicator
    • USMC modified Winchester M70 Hinged Floorplate and Trigger Guard
    • Parts stamped with last four numerals of receiver serial number
    • Unertl type scope mount with lugs, 30mm or 1” rings
    • .60” Pachmayer Brown Pad, optional length of pull
    • 1-1/2” Heavy Gauge Wichita Engineering Sling Swivels
    • Old style trigger assembly with dual sear, bolt lock, and machined safety head available at extra cost (ask about it)
    • All metal parts are finished with TBA’s matte black Dura-Coat® coating
    • Weight is approximately 14 lbs. without scope

    White fuzz is from cloth

    I guess I shot better than I remembered

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    That sure is a great looking rifle!!!


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      Sold on other forum. Thanks.