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  • M40a3 clone

    For the discriminating clone collector! Offered here is an M40a3 built by Dan Ross of DD Ross Co. His reputation preceeds him with regard to the M40a3 program. What makes this particular clone special you ask? Anyone trying to source parts for their build will eventually call upon Mr. Ross in order to obtain his optical base and bottom metal as supplied to PWS. As many of us quickly find out, he does not sell the optical base, however he will include one if you have him build a clone M40a3. The second desirable feature of this rifle is the action serial number. Early M40a3 rifles appear to be built on "E" prefix actions in the 6 million range.

    Current condition: almost new. There is a small scratch (see photo) on the barrel which was there when I received it. Total round count: 40 rounds of 175 gr. FGMM.

    Rifle is being offered seperate from the USO MST-100 it is pictured with. This allows an individual to set this up with another scope should they desire. Perhaps an S&B 3-12x50 or even a demil 4-16x42.

    Rifle only: $5500 shipped and insured

    USO MST-100 w/ rings: $3200 shipped/insured

    Individuals interested in rifle and scope will have some room to negotiate.

    Than​​​​​ks for looking!

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    Nice looking rifle! Good luck with your sale


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      Does anyone need an MST-100? I can let the scope go without the rings if someone needs the scope for an M40a1.


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        Price drop!
        ​​​​​​Rifle shipped/insured: $5,000

        ​​​USO MST-100 w/rings shipped/insured: $3,000


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          Scope is sold pending funds.

          ​​​​​Rifle is still available.


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            Party that wanted to purchase scope has backed out.

            Scope and rifle still available.


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              Items no longer for sale.


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                Weekend sale!!

                Rifle: $4500 +shipping and insurance

                MST-100 w/rings: $2800 +shipping & insurance