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"Toki" Redfield 3x9 Accutrac scope for sale

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  • "Toki" Redfield 3x9 Accutrac scope for sale

    Up for sale is a genuine "TOKI" finshed scope. I bought this from a member and I am putting it up for sale to help finance a different project.

    It's in 99% perfect condition.
    It was taken to the range a few times with no issues.
    The scope does not have a "rangefinder".

    The range finder, per se, is nothing more than a flimsy little piece of camera film. It doesn't require any additional parts, it was simply glued on. Nobody makes or reproduces that little piece of film to my knowledge. "TOKI" tried and couldn't find a mfg. that could do it. Today, they can micro-laser the glass. The only way to obtain them is out of a working scope that you pull the guts out of (like the other one you have,) or a unusable but damaged Accu-range Gen'1 that you can pull the guts out of and swap. Note that Gen-1 and Gen-2 internals are completely different, so you can't use their parts interchangeably.

    Please read ALL OF THE FOLLOWING.

    The following is info the seller sent me.

    "I saw another scope of his work in this post on the Hide.

    "TOKI" developed this anodized color, sometime in late October 2014. He called it his "Aged Green" finish. You can tell his earlier work because his dyes and process produced a dark blue-green colored finish.
    Your scope was done at or near the very end in 2016 and was his fully developed and finalized formula, not an experiment. The one on the rifle in the Hide photo was done in his experimental period and they were or tended to come out a green that up close was really a deep, deep blue-green color. He was experimenting with different manufacturers and his early green pigment choices had a lot of blue in them. I think I wrote that those of us on the Hide back then just continued to support his efforts during that experimental period.

    Even with the off color and sometimes unknown results, the small M40 community on the old Snipers Hide web site, back then, supported his efforts and he had a waiting list a mile long. Major piece of experimental chemistry involved in matching different brands and types of dyes to the alloy content, etc. and this was something he did part time while working as a full time IT consultant. His work wasn't a superficial coating, but a complete refurbishment of the scopes with new seals and nitrogen filled tubes, assembled in a vacuum process he constructed. This scope fell in his queue on March 2016 and he stopped doing any scope work shortly thereafter.

    This scope has all the USMC Green Redfield Gen.-1 bells and whistles: It's a 'F' Series Prefix numbered scope which was the prefix of the Redfield scopes first issued with the M40, it is clearly stamped 3X-9X - REDFIELD 1" TUBE and has the TALL splined POST on the power ring, standard with the 'F' Prefix, that you are looking for and like the originals, not all the parts are green, but left in their original commercial black.

    NOTE: Like the original, if you were leave this scope outside in direct/hot sunlight, this finish will react and turn different shades/colors "

    $950.00 shipped in the CONUS ONLY.
    USPS money order ONLY, NO PAYPAL.

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    SPF to DrDonK


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      It was a very nice looking scope, congrats to DrDonK


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        That offering didn't last long. DrDonK has chosen... wisely. It's a great scope with an undisputed provenance in the M40 clone community. Good luck!!