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WTS: Another Tan CMP Hard Rifle Case FREE + Shipping

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  • WTS: Another Tan CMP Hard Rifle Case FREE + Shipping

    I have another CMP long rifle hard case from CMP that I don't need, so if anyone wants it, it's yours for the price of shipping. Same deal as last time. Whoever wants it, claim it, and you basically just pay for the shipping cost to you.

    The case is made of tan plastic, with the CMP logo in black on both sides of it. It's basically in new condition with convoluted top and bottom foam for the insides. It's a bit thicker and better built than the average cheapo plastic long rifle case, but it's not Pelican tough either.

    Will ship in its original cardboard box. Dimensions are 5"x15"x55", and total ship weight is about 9-10 pounds. It will ship from NY, so keep that in mind when trying to figure out how much it will cost to ship to you. The farther away you are from NY, the more expensive it will be.

    A Fedex Office and UPS Store are closest to me, so would prefer to ship that way. Even better if you have a shipper account with one of them and can send over a shipping label for this. I can also ship via USPS, but my post office is a bit far from me, and if going that route, I'm going to charge a few extra bucks just because you'd be making me haul this a bunch of blocks away.

    I'm reusing the same photo of the previous hard case I gave away because I don't feel like taking a new photo of something that is exactly the same.
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    I will take it! PM inbound.


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      CMP case is still available. It will ship from NY and is a large box, so keep that in mind when calculating shipping costs to you. If you're within a one state radius from me, it may cost only $25-30. If you're halfway or all the way across the country, it's probably not worth the price of shipping unless you have a commercial shipper's account and can provide a prepaid shipping label.


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        Email sent re case. (I'm in VA)