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WTS: M49 Spotting scope - Older Brass tag and Clear $250 OBO

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  • WTS: M49 Spotting scope - Older Brass tag and Clear $250 OBO

    SOLD I have a really nice clear M49 with the older brass tag. Has what looks to be a Unertl style 20x eyepiece. I cleaned the prsims and reglued one. Removed debris. Viewout is very nice for this old scope. Has front lens cover. Some old masking tape residue that I gave up on, soak it and scrape it off if you choose.
    Asking $250 OBO delivered. New here, on many other boards. Take a look. SOLD on auction site

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    Your ability to work on these scopes is a value to us.

    I bought one of Badgers NOS kits he came across a few years ago so my present needs are met.

    Knowing that there is a way to get one of these worked on now means if I see one somewhere in banged up state there is hope.
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