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  • 7 Digit Scope Mount

    I realize this is a shot in the dark but I am looking for an issued scope mount for a seven digit M40, in a perfect world either 7237 or 7281...

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    Is there such a thing, I don't ever reminder seeing a picture of a base with a seven digit number.


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      Out of the original 700 rifles ordered per the contract only the first 550 rifles were shipped with calibrated/ proofed 40X base and scope attached. The remaining 150 were shipped with unmarked / sterile 40X base mounted only. These first 550 rifles marked were the only rifles shipped from Remington with 40X scope base and scope marked with the rifles "6" digit serial number to show that they had been proofed for function and accuracy.
      Any and all bases and scopes to include the black satin scopes were marked post USMC procurement contract. Therefore being done by unknown armorers stateside and were likely done for the purposes of identification vs. accuracy and function proofing.
      Not to say that there aren't, and not claiming to have first hand knowledge but i am not aware through any of my dozen years or so of researching these rifles, have I ever seen or heard of a so called "issued" Redfield 40X bases marked with a seven digit ser#.
      All of this above information is open source and easily researched.


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        I've seen bases for seven digit rifles that are marked with the last four digits in the same manner as the satin black scopes, the markings looking to have been done at the same time. I thought they were issued as such since the markings look the same?


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 apology. Confusion on my part. I guess i was confused by the term "issued" as I don't know of any historical knowledge of them actually being "issued" per sae.
          The only rifles documented as purchased by the Corp in the 7 digit series were purchased for the Marine Corps "test and evaluation" phase to try and figure out what could be done to remedy the issues that Marines experienced with the M700 Sniper platform in South East Asia. Those rifle were known as the "Product improvement series". Very small in numbers.

          As I said I was confused by the term "issued"I guess, because other than rumor, I haven't seen or been able to locate any documentation supporting any 7 digit series rifles being "issued" to Marines for use in Vietnam.
          Again, this is all information I have gathered from people I have talked with that were part of this process, as well as open source research.

          So regarding the base you are searching for. Pleeeease be careful purchasing any 40X base with the last four electro pencil engrave and marketed as authentic as this would be an extremely simple process to replicate if you came across a sterile 40X base. Most of the ones you see pics of here are very crudely marked and would be extremely easy to replicate.


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            Only one I've seen


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                Bad news - I highly doubt you'll ever come across a "loose" base with the last 4 digits of a 6257xxx rifle engraved on it. I've seen/owned tons of loose 6 digit marked (and unmarked) M40 bases, but have never seen a loose base from a 6257xxx rifle.

                Good news - I don't think the 6257xxx rifles were ever issued with a 40X base, so you don't need to track down one of those rare birds or worry about ruining it's value by engraving it yourself. All you need is a common 700SA base and an engraving tool. Mark the base yourself with the last 4 digits you need and you're good to go. I think I might have a few correct 700SA bases tucked away somewhere, if I can find them I'll send you one.


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                  Perfect, thanks. I have some 40x bases but I'll leave them alone and do as you suggest!