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WTT Unertl with USO mod for one without

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  • WTT Unertl with USO mod for one without

    I purchased a USMC Unertl sniper scope at CMP auction back in December. You can view the scope at the attached link. This scope has the USO modification, or "man hole cover" as some have called it.

    Since receiving it, I sent it off to Iron Sight to have some minor repairs made. The scope is still 100% original and is now in perfect working condition.

    I'm wanting to trade this scope for a similar Unertl that does NOT have the USO modification. I need it for a specific build to match the rifle I carried as a sniper years ago. If you're interested in a trade, please let me know. I can include some cash on my end if necessary. Thanks!
    USMC 10x Unertl Sniper Telescope 1313 USMC 10x Unertl Sniper Telescope 1313 US Marine Corps Issue 10x Unertl Sniper Telescope. Serial number 1313. This scope appears to have been used though in decent condition, and has a desert tan paint job over a black finish, and does have the USO elevation mod. Optics are out of adjustment, with the top end of the FOV being cut off, and the course elevation is the only sight adjustment that works as expected. The scope will not come with rings. The Civilian Marksmanship Program has

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    Bump! I know there are a bunch of Unertl's out there! Just looking to do a trade for one without the USO mod, since that's what I carried when I was a Scout Sniper in the Corps. Thanks!


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      Bump. Still looking for an even trade. My USO mod for one without the mod.