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WTB: M40 sling swivels

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  • WTB: M40 sling swivels

    Looking for a set of M40 sling swivels. Or at least a front swivel. I have a 513T rear swivel that I could use.

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    Kyle Taylor was trying to get a manufacturer to build him repros, you might check in with him if a repro would fill your need.

    I understand others have had success re-threading a 513T rear to fit an appropriately sized stock nut and found success. I think this solution may have required coating the wood screw threads with a machinable material (JB Weld, perhaps metal based bedding compound) in order to cut the new threads.

    I have a couple of 513T rears if Numrich/Sarco doesn't have them available for you to expirement with.
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      If it is the front M40 swivel you need, the one that's machine threaded with the round nut, just call and buy them from the guy that made them originally, Tim McNally at Wichita Arms. They cost $35.00 each, with the round nut. Tim has moved around some, but I believe his current phone number is 620-249-3959. He's a great guy. You'd better buy some now, because when he quits making them, they are gone forever. I believe the wood threaded Rem Model 513 swivels are correct for the rear of the stock.


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        Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated! I will definitely check these options out. My first choice is to find original parts as these will be placed on a 7 digit M40.