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WTB: McMillan M14 USMC rifle team stock (forest camo pattern)

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  • WTB: McMillan M14 USMC rifle team stock (forest camo pattern)

    I would like to build a replica/tribute rifle of a "classic" USMC M14 match rifle. (see pic #1 of real examples) I have a rear lugged SAI M1A receiver (with torque screw set-up), and recently got a NOS 1995 dated USMC marked Barnett/Douglas heavy profile barrel that would make such a project doable. (see pics 2 & 3) I also bought a 1990 era SAI last summer that had a 1990 dated USMC marked barrel. Neither barrel has the "RTE-P" stamp, so I assume they were spare barrels.

    However, I now need to find a proper take-off USMC M14 stock for this project. I have seen some of these stocks sell over the past few years - but I was not interested in one at the time, but with the nice USMC marked heavy barrel I got this month, I am now highly motivated to find an M14 forest camp stock worthy of the barrel. I am not interested in a civilian McMillan stock for this project - stock must have the M14 selector cut, proper camo pattern, and inleted for a rear lugged receiver). Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks..
    Vintage USMC Match M14s w/ forest camo M1A stocks USMC marked barrels (heavy and medium profile) Heavy on top, 1995 date
Medium on bottom, 1990 date
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