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Knights Armament stuff in a Pelican 1700

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  • Knights Armament stuff in a Pelican 1700

    Got a buddy who called me up to come look at something. He just came back from Texas. He picked up a couple of Pelican 1700 cases. Inside was some webbing and a couple M 16 cleaning kits and normal military junk, CLP bottle etc. But, both had a Black plastic folder or carrier from Knights Armament, IS 002, complete with four handguard looking things and a grip. It was labelled Knights Armament "Titusville Fl." This looks brand new. Further digging in the Pelican under the foam, is a log for a "Colt Rifle" or something with a few names on em, Has round count with like 550 +/- too. Found a transit label for Kandahar too. Now I don't have the cases in front of me so I might be a little off.

    I think these might have come from a DMR or something. There was a new condition yellow BFA in one. I think it is mostly likely from the Air Force because of the ranks listed. And I might be out of the suck by a few decades, but I still know what opsec is, so I have a hard time putting that out. I just don't know enough about these things. I figure someone here might. He was going to sell one to a guy to make a pistol box out of it. I told him to hold on.

    I didn't get the form # down, but it was two pages with checks on the rifle for "pass/fail" or some kind of measure. Anybody?

    Looks like this taken from the net.
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    It's a Knights accessory rail pack.

    A nice item to have if you have a rifle with pic rails.

    I don't think they are exceedingly rare. I bet tons of these things get thrown away over seas.

    Still sounds like you found some neat history.
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