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Remember the Brave! Who's shooting Sunday???!!!

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  • Remember the Brave! Who's shooting Sunday???!!!

    Wanted to see who is shooting the match and bringing their sticks out? Might be a good photo op

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    I’ll be there using my “Vietnam category” pre-64 Winchester Model 70 w/ vintage 10x Unertl scope. I have never shot this rifle past 200 yards, so using it at 300 and 600 yards should be interesting. It might rain on Sunday so my back up is my M40A5 clone, but would rather go old school for this match.


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      I will be out there with my A1. Leaving the A5 at the house.


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        I went to the Remember the Brave match today at Quantico. For the Vietnam era rifle category, I used my pre-64 Winchester M70 at 300 yards, and then an M40A1 at 600 yards. Didn't shoot for score today, more for fun. Weather held out with no rain, but it was quite humid. The 2112 guys brought out 3 of the remaining M40A1s and I took a few pics of them. Major Jim Land (USMC retired) was there, so I had a pic taken of him with my M70 that is a replica of the USMC sniper rifles as used in Vietnam circa 1965-1966. etc. Good times were had by all.
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          Looks like a great time, and thanks for taking pics!

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        I'm sorry I missed it.