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    Alright, household 6 asked me if I could go to the range today as she wants some uninterrupted house cleaning time. I'm going to hump up the 1941 USMC Sniper Clone and the M40 out to the local IWLA 100y ranges and see what I can get done. The USMC clone is broken in so it should be easy to get on paper and see what she likes. The M40 is new and need the barrel broken in, so it will be fire a round and then clean, fire a round and clean, etc., etc.
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      This page is starting to go downhill fast.


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        Why? Because the Pogue civilians and other non 8541/0317 personnel who spent ludicrous amounts of money on a piece of used fiberglass are now upset because McMillan is making them again?

        Or or a combination of the aforementioned and the fact that some people just can’t complement people and feel it necessary to denigrate someone’s rifle because it isn’t “original”.

        All of which i find entertaining considering the majority of people commenting in the negative and throwing out wild speculation have never even served or if they had never were 8541s.

        Effing Cosplay dorks


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          I have decided to name this sleek sexy example of wood and steel "Holly-Wood."

          Again, the wife asked that I get out of the house and go to the range today so she could putz around the house. It was a worthy day as I can home to bacon, what more could you want? Light overcast, no real winds and mid-40's, but the local 100 yard range can be interesting, especially since it's hunting season and the once a year guys come out.

          Anyways, I bought Holly from RoughHewn, who, unfortunately, was not able to shoot her before trusting her with me. In the tibit file, Holly seemed to have more bit than the 30-06 1903 ("Olivia"). This rifle was harder to sight as the windage (as you all know) is primarily on the mount with fine tuning on the turret. It took me several shots and adjustments at 25 yards to get the windage close. I guess I'll loctite one of the windage screws so I can then lock down the other while still being able to remove it when needed.

          I followed the shoot one round, run a wet patch and then two dry patches, rinse and repeat 10 times, then 3-shots and clean and do this 5 times, and then a couple times after 10rds. So, it took a while to get Holly "operational." But, once I did, she was fine.

          Holly getting some fresh air.

          On the sled getting ready for some 25 yard sighting with 1970s Match.

          Cleaning - sorry the pic wasn't focused, but that black splotch is a wet patch - always down and out, never back in.

          A dry patch I ran through before firing. Next trip I'll have to break out the Labradar and get some velocities.

          Quite a pile:

          Some results, again, I need to get this rifle out of the sled and on a bag to get some consistency. I had two failures to fire on the Match ammo, maybe the hard primers, and the bolt seemed heavy on the Prime ammo, but no other concerns. Prime is GTG, again, the Creedmoor 167 Scenars are not doing well, and both the 168 and 175 FGMMs seem GTG.


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            I really like the look of that straight grain on that stock. I am guessing that you did torque the action screws to 35-40 inch pounds to start?


            • Defender3
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              They were tight when received so I did not remove or tighten them.

              I appreciate the advice though and will remove and re-torque them to 35-40 inch pounds. I'm going to hit a different range this weekend where prone should not be an issue, and I would think I would need some adjustments going from the bench to prone, so removing the action won't be an issue.