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  • !!!!!!!!!!!scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    G'day guys;

    I've put quite a few wanted ads up lately and have been contacted by people claiming to know someone who is interested in selling a product and have lost 1400 USD so far to scammers.

    I just wanted to let people know, they are here, they are trawling the site and they are very clever.

    I have been stung by someone claiming to be "Chris" from The Hogs Den. Paid for M40A1 scope base, Bottom metal and Simrad Cap to ""

    I put up a wanted ad for a MK13 MOD 7 chassis and a gentleman with the user name DavJedi put me onto a bloke with the email "".

    I reverse google image searched the pics he sent through and came across an ad from this site from 2016 and a bunch of other "for sale" sites and even some Airsoft rifles.

    I Live in Australia and we do builds of current and previous generation sniper rifles to gather interest on our facebook page as our primary means of attracting attention so we can assist veterans and it just absolutely sucks that people out there are looking to take, not just money dishonestly, but we explained our goals and mission in the email and even after that, elected to try and take money from us to reduce our ability to support those who need it.

    Please be safe, be smart with your money, use what resources you have to check the validity of a seller or an item.

    I have so much from this community here, there's some amazing people here who are too numerous to thank who have helped us get parts, sent us collectables, memorabilia that we have donated to history units here in Australia and all they've wanted back is a jar of vegemite. I would hate to think that these amazing people are losing out and being taken advantage of.

    Please, stay safe folks, look after yourselves.


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    zigjib: yes my WTB add has had 2 responses from the same type, “ contact so and so @ gmail”. I just ignore those. I saw your add WTB a Mk13 mod 7 stock, if I was interested in export hassles, I would have responded, as I have one I will be posting on gunbroker when the one currently there is sold. Also, look over on the Hide, Vintage sniper thread, MK13 subject Red Bull Armory is selling kits which includes the Mod 7 stock and build parts, do not know if Red Bull exports….…Very sad you lost money to scammers…….I purchased one rifle and several parts here over the years, always from a seller who is a long time poster here.


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      I was contacted about my WTB ad the other day. The usual "I know a guy. Contact him at Obvious scam. I just delete it.