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So I've decided to make the Vintage Sniper Match in 2018......




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  • So I've decided to make the Vintage Sniper Match in 2018......

    My A1 will be done in the next few weeks, I think, and that should give me several months to get familiar with the system. Being as how my work schedule is almost set in stone as far as off days, I need as much lead time as possible to try to arrange to be off if I'm not scheduled for it already. I'd be coming up from Mississippi and possibly driving to have maximum flexibility and cargo leeway. Anyone with the inside track for the Quantico club please keep me( and others of course) for when the match dates for spring and fall come into focus so I can putnin a time off request. This is one of those things I've wanted to do for 20+ years even though I just found out about it last year 😄 Thanks and I hope to see some of you there in 2018!!!!!

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    I'm hoping to make it there for the first time as well...


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      The more the merrier of course, hope both of you can make it. The dates of the match appear to be when range 4 is available (goes out to 1000 yds).
      Here are the dates of the Sept matches over the past 3 years, so they are trending the weekend after Labor Day - but subject to change:

      2017 - Sept 10 & 11
      2016 - Sept 9 & 10
      2015 - Sept 26 & 27

      Here's a short video of the initial 5 minute sight-in period in 2015 (300-yard line).

      ...These Quantico matches are fun and informal events - highly recommended if the logistics are feasible.


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        What can you bring? Say a guy with an that considered vintage yet lol?


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          "What can you bring? Say a guy with an that considered vintage yet lol?"

          They added a third category in 2015 called modern, and the two man teams are encouraged to use the same vintage rifle to the extent possible.

          Vintage (up to the Korean War circa 1953)
          Vietnam era (mid 1960s to mid 1970s)
          Modern (everything else - sort of)

          Acceptable rifles on the link re the 2016 match (w/ Modern category):

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            I really want to make it. Do you think they’d accept my Winchester 94 with iron sights? It’s a 1959 build (if memory serves) so vintage I guess... unless there’s a “you brought what?!?” Class...

            i hope my A-1 is ready but even to be part of the experience and shake some hands would be outstanding.


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              There is a Springtime match too, right? Same terms?


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                Yes, should have mentioned there is an April match too, typically mid April or late April. Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday a bunch of guys bring 1903A1s to the event to practice before the CMP Eastern Games in early May in NC.

                The third vintage match is over Memorial Day ("Remember the Brave" match) , but I think its limited to 300 and 600 yards.
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