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CMP Eastern Games - Vintage Sniper Match 2018

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  • CMP Eastern Games - Vintage Sniper Match 2018

    For anyone interested, I got back yesterday from participating at the CMP Eastern Games, Vintage Sniper Match (VSM), held at Camp Butner, NC, and decided to post some pics. Weather was nice and the event went well. The new electronic targeting system provides instant feedback to the shooters and "pulling targets" is no longer necessary - I love this new system(!) Most of the competitors used a 1903A1 w/ 8x scope, although I did see several 1903A4 rifles w/ 2.5x scopes and a couple of teams shot their M1D Garands, and one Swedish M41B was also used:

    Here's a misc shot from the morning sight-in at 300 yards (Yesterday's total was 58-two man/woman teams, so 116 total shooters):

    600 yard line sight-in with my shooting partner and I and our trusty 1903A1s. You can see the electronic targeting system screen b/t the two positions:

    Here's the 600 yd line during the target changes from 300 to 600 yards. Clear sky, no wind, and about 80 degrees. Perfect conditions.

    Two of my shooting buddies won 1st place with a truly excellent 396-23x (they only dropped only 4 points combined for 300 and 600 yards- awesome).

    I dropped one point at 300 yards, but to my chagrin I dropped several points 600 yards (I didn't build up my position high enough and subsequently I had two hits in the 8 ring and a few hit the 9 ring), however - my shooting partner shot well enough that we were able to squeeze in the 3rd place gold medal (top 3 team scores get a gold medal). We shot a combined 386-10X, and I we each got to take a wood plaque home.

    FWIW, I took a short video too of the 600 yard sight-in. This illustrates the feedback time interval is very quick/basically instantaneous.

    So, during the 5 minute sight-in period each shooter now can get maybe 7 shots off to zero at the 300 and 600 yd lines - maybe even 8 shots if they hurry a little bit. Under the traditional system of manual "pulling targets" - all one could do was about 5 sighters - assuming the guys pulling targets worked quickly. Obviously I like the new system better...

    ...Anyhow, it was good times and I highly recommended this match for anyone who can make to NC in early May for this event and had a proper pre-1953 vintage sniper rifle. Its a fun event and those new CMP electronic target scoring systems make the event even more enjoyable.
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    Great photos. Thank you for posting.
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      Instant feedback on electronic screens is really amazing tech. Makes it really fun.

      Congrats on a top 3 that's good work!



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        Thanks, it is a lot of fun. I've been to this match 6 out of the past 7 years, with the same group of guys. I highly recommend it for those who can swing the logistics and have the proper platform to compete with.


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          For you scope guys, did your targets have inner rings to center your crosshairs?

          We have new electronic targets for our smallbore/air rifle team. I have mixed emotions about them. The sighting black is just a black hole- no rings. They're great for iron sights where the reference is the outside of the black (though one loses some NPA practice with just one, single bull), but just not right for scope shooters in open matches.
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            If I understand the question, the targets used by CMP had standard scoring rings. The electronic target scoring system also represented the scoring rings and associated impacts. It resembled regular paper targets in the match, but with a sophisticated accoustic system showing impacts.


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              Thank you. So, they're paper targets that can be shot up until needing replacement? Are they special paper targets, or are the sensors just mounted around a normal target?

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            I tried to do a similar setup with a TargetVision Hawk. It mounts onto the end of the spotting scope and then broadcasts the image to an app on the iPad. The image is not video it takes a new picture about every other second so you cant rewind and see hits in the dirt but it has its uses. You can then mark your targets in the hit order and be able to save it as an image. Very easy to keep track of shots this way. Supposedly in the future the software will be able to do it on its own.


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              What's the maximum distance on a good day? Does it highlight the last shot?

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              It is whatever your spotting scope can do,at the end of the day its just a camera that attaches to your eyepiece. I fit it on my Unertl 100 MM Team and those are good to 1000 yards. Id imagine a newer Swavorski or Kowa or even the 100MM Celestron would be even more clear.

              Right now you can set it up, and see what your spotting scope sees, finger 'digital' zoom in on the app to see the target closer, and then tap the screen and it puts a number 1 dot and then 2 and so on marking your target order.

              Obviously it wont be as good as the multi thousand dollar system the CMP is using but it has simple uses.

              They only are able to make a batch a year of the hawks for some reason and the next one wont be done until the end of summer. They also do remote cameras so you dont need your spotting scope...


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            I don’t know much (anything) about the actual targets now that competitors at CMP matches don’t go the “pits” to pull them. I found this on google, hope it helps:


            (Note on edit: I did get out my spotting scope and look at the targets at the 300 yard line that morning to check for mirage, and I noted that the targets had scoring rings...but I didn't bother looking at them again as we relied on the electronic scoring system thereafter.)
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              Thank you. What I'm seeing there are scoring rings on the screen, but just a black circle on the target. If that's the case, it's fine for Palma or service rifle, but less than satisfactory for scopes, where inner rings help to center the crosshairs. Maybe there are other targets for scoped matches like the one you shot since they had rings.

              One of the benefits of being in pit service is learning what bullets sound like as they pass by. I hope the military does not go electronic on their ranges.

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            I have just ordered a 1903A4 from Rock Ridge, I will be there next May. I would like to talk to someone by phone or face to face who has shot this match. I live in Clinton NC.


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              Just notified by Rock Ridge that they are no longer going to make the 1903A4 Reproduction.