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Quantico Vintage Precision Rifle Match What Dates in 2019? - April 2019???

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  • Quantico Vintage Precision Rifle Match What Dates in 2019? - April 2019???

    Does anyone know the dates for the Quantico Vintage Precision Rifle matches for 2019? Usually there is a match in April and September. There is no listing yet on the Quantico calendar. Especially for April 2019. Just trying to plan for the match and travel/ reservations.
    B Eckard
    Charlotte NC area.

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    I heard range was available 3rd week of April but i think that is Easter weekend, and they had not made a decision yet about that weekend given the timing. I want to go in April too, so I’m trying to figure out the schedule as well. CMP Eastern Games start last weekend of April.


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      I have not seen a posting on their calendar yet. Guess they are still deciding on the schedule given Easter weekend. Well maybe they could just shoot Saturday and cover all distances 300, 600, 800 and 1000 in one day - say 15 or 20 shots each distance. That way Sunday is left open for those attending Easter services. When I used to shoot Black Powder Cartridge rifle at Quantico about 10 yrs ago the match director would do that sometimes in one day 200 to 1000 yds. With the paid pullers that is possible. Just a suggestion for anyone at the Quantico Gun club that is a match director reading this if it helps.


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        Ok here we go. April 13 & 14 will be the match dates.
        We had Lead mining of the impact berms that got pushed back to April. So we looked at having the match just on 20 April.
        Found out today there is a Wounded Warrior hunt that day in portions of the impact area and RC has a caliber restriction of 5.56 and below for the 20th.
        We'll be shooting our regular format.


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          Thanks for the update(!)


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            I attended Saturday and I think a good time was had by all. (a little rain around 8:30am-9am, but weather cleared up shortly thereafter.)
            Its a fun match for anyone who can make the logistics work. Typically they'll have a match over Memorial Day weekend, and another in Sept.
            Highly recommended, and a rare opportunity to shoot vintage rifles in a friendly competition at 300, 600, 800 and 1000 yards.


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              COOL. thanks as usual for posting pictures. Wish was closer to me.



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                I'd love to make to this someday... thanks for posting up the info/pictures!!