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    Can an admin start a new column/thread for people to post or showoff their builds progression or completion? I am guilty of putting stuff in as well before I get crucified. I was trying to search for actual information today and it was hard to find due to so many build update threads. Also maybe a thread for people to post "in case you were looking posts". These have showing up in threads also. Just a couple of suggestions... Trying to keep the information flowing.

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    One way to better organize the info right now is for the thread starter to apply tags to their thread. Range reports, build threads, reference guides, etc. can all be in their respective sections (such as M40A1, M40A6, etc.) that way.
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      Absolutely. A year from now a scope that was on sale on gun broker or another forum won't be relevant. I wish the build threads were separate for sure. As far as range reports go, they are always the same. Gun shoots sub MOA, it looks pretty, it shoots better than me, etc..... The hard information is what needs preserving. I wish we could restore the pictures that were lost also. Lots of good info there. There I go getting sidetracked.