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    All kidding aside, since the government isn't going to do it, it's a good idea! I suspect you'd need a seriously secure location, and MAY have to de-mil the rifles (which would be a real shame) like the one (or several?) that went to McMillian.

    Actually, McMillian may be a good company to partner with to work out something legitimate.


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      I have been talking to Kelly McMillan about every week for the past month and a half or two. He is good people. He is VERY confident that he does not have any return stocks tucked away anywhere. I checked 😀

      I may be able to secure another model of "return" stock. Not gettin my hopes up, but if it works, it will be cool!


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        Circling back to that group photo I posted back in September, if those rifles are mostly seven digits do any of you with first hand knowledge or access to individual photos know if the green painted one is/was a seven digit? This would be interesting! Anyone have pictures or access to pictures of it? Ryan? Kyle? Anyone?


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          Since most of the 7-digits rifles were not sent to the Corps, I doubt it that any of them were ever painted. We dont have a solid number of how many were actually sent and used in NAM, but my guess is a very few.

          Most were sent to the US Navy, Air Force, and LE and military agencies. Of course, no need for protective paint/coating in urban environement.

          I can be wrong. I'd like to see a painted 7-digits for sure! Would you mind posting that picture again? Cant find it...


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            It's in this thread, the one posted on 9/30/17. Post #11.


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              Got it. I had Flash Blocker on.. its blocking pictures and media stuff. Whitelisted the forum

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              It's an interesting rifle since it is painted green but also the scope mount looks odd.

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            Hey Guys,

            I have requested additional photos of that rifle. I will post up whatever pictures/info I get.


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              That's great, thanks!


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                Spoke with the gentleman that took that photo yesterday. He told me that stock was stained, not painted. He didn’t have any other pictures of that particular gun.



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                  Odd and interesting... Thanks for the info!