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M40 w/ some Vietnam era props

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  • M40 w/ some Vietnam era props

    I set-up some vintage field gear to take some pics of my XM21 replica w/ M49 observation scope, but ince I had so much Vietnam stuff out for those pics, I decided to also take a few pics with my Chuck Mawhinney M40 replica. Just some random pictures for anyone interested (Note: please pretend the M14 magazine pouches are actually filled with boxes of M118 ammo, as they do fit in those pouches...).
    M40 replica with early M118 ammo (1963 dated XM118) M49 observations scope. M1961 belt set-up w/ M1916 holster, M1 helmet and an M6 bayonet M40 replica with vintage field gear
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    Very nice.

    Im removing the T10 off my MaWhinney and putting on a Leupold M40 as you have done. Hoping to just set my 100 yard zero than beable to use the mildots for all other ranges I typically encounter.

    Unfortunately in the process of bringing a ring cap up to 15 inch pounds I snapped a screw. Marty is sending me a spare. Im delayed though as I need to get the broken stud out of the rear base. Tried a gimmick and it didnt work so before I destroy something Im going to take the part to a real shop and have them remove the broken stud.

    Love my M49 but picked this up off the Hide yesterday as a slightly better substitute while still staying in a neat lightweight packable configuration Steiner military 24X-80 spotter with can.

    Click image for larger version

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    "...But they would never find anything to beat the old Springfield ...the long sleek streamline, very slim but with potent bulges, all in the just exactly right places to give it that pugnaciously forward-leaning, eager look that marked the Springfield. Beside it, the M1 looked like a fat old man puffing with a lack of training...the two most beautiful things made in America were the ax-handle and the clipper ship? ...they should have added one more thing: The Springfield '03 rifle..."


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      That Rifle is Sweet!!
      Thank you for sharing...


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        Very nice. Classic!


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          Nice grouping and presentation!


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            Oh, BTW, that buttpack is incorrect,


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              Random's butt pack has been discussed at length on other forums, glad to see the web gear police are everywhere. I find it amazing that Random shoots this rifle and is able to keep the pristine appearance. I have heard that the Mawhinney rifles were outstanding shooters, and Random addressed the accuracy he achieved with his M40 and scope as well on the M14 forum.


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                Lol, I was just busting his balls from the m14 forum posts.

              • Random Guy
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                "Lol, I was just busting his balls from the m14 forum posts"

                Yeah, yeah...I thought some one might give me some good-natured grief over that little M14 bayonet in the pic with the M40 - since it obviously has no bayonet lug....but suggesting I remove the vintage 1966 dated fieldpack from my pic? I didn't see that coming....


                To Harry's point: here's a picture of the "heavy mojo" 308W ammo that I made specifically for my M40 for the 1000 yard match back in 2015 (velocity with a 175 VLD Berger or 178 Hornandy Match BTHP, was 2760 fps if I recall correctly). I tested it twice with a 5 rd group and it was shooting ~ 0.75 MOA, which I was quite happy about... I did note that the recoil was somewhat stout, but primers and bolt lift normal.

                ..its a long story, but my goal was to shoot a bullet with a high enough BC and high enough velocity so that the bullet drop at 1000 yards was no more than 9 MILs at 1000 yards...and still be an accurate/sub-MOA load. Note: I determined that my Redfield/Leupold M40 commemorative green scope, which is a 2nd focal plane scope with a Mil-Dot reticle, correctly subtends MILs at maximum magnification, which is 9x. This was important for accurate bullet drop placement at 800 and 1000 yards. Anyhow, to achieve my goals, I used 47.4 grains of PP-2000MR powder with a 175 VLD (& some with a 178 VLD) bullet that only dropped 8.9 MILs at 1000 yards. (NOTE: These handloads were loaded long for single-loading at 2.880" - Not recommended for magazine length loads). Why was this so important? B/c I have no place to practice at 800 or 1000 yards except Range 4 at Quantico during the matches, and before I used the shim I had to rely on a scope that had NO elevation adjustment for that distance.

                So, I zeroed the scope with the top Mil-dot at 200 yards, and the 2nd Mil dot down from the cross hair was precisely 7 MILs of drop at 800 yards, which is what my ammo trajectory was computed to be. At 1000 yards the ballistic calculator showed 8.9 MILs - so I used the top of the black bar in the Mil-Dot reticle (as basically the "6th Mil-Dot") as my aiming reference for 1000 yards. I know that sounds crazy, but it was the only way I could even compete with that rifle when I got in the spring of 2015 and discovered the little 1" scope tube and zero cant mount simply ain't going to work at 800 and 1000 yards. I like a challenge, and this rifle at that range was indeed a challenge....
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              Anyhow, here's a neat picture of Chuck Wahinney back in 1968. (Source, Peter Senich, The One-Round War, 1996, page 251):

              ...this picture reminded that I forgot to add some de-milled grenades to my pics with field gear. Anyway, I may try to reach out to him with a question or two re his service.
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                Id love to see an M40 clone done in a painted stock.

                Of course I could do it but Im just so fond of Walnut and parkerizing.

                I still have that .223 M40 project pending though.........not sure if Kyle will forgive me for hiding the grain of his stock work.

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              "Id love to see an M40 clone done in a painted stock."

              That would be neat. BTW, according to Mawhinney the paint chipped off due to the Linseed oil and presumably tropical climate.
              Here's the only color picture I have of him with what I suspect is a freshly painted M40 stock, circa 1969:

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              • pmclaine
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                Yes he was "tacticool" well before the Snipers Hide had its first post titled "How do I paint my Rifle?"

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              Bob M, a Quantico regular has used an M40 clone painted green.


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                Hmm, I know Bob, but I didn't realize he had finished that M40 rifle build...I guess I didn't see what he was using back in April at the last match.
                I'll need to pay more attention next time I see him, and hopefully take some pics too.


                • Hlavinka
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                  I thought you knew him. I think the last that gun was out was either September or even farther back at last years "remember the brave".

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                Very nice looking rifle and gear