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  • M40 project

    Hey guys, first post and first M40 build. I’m currently gathering parts and have a 1966 Remington 22-250 (six digit receiver) to base this project off of. I have correct rings (marked 1-66) but the base is marked 700sa on the bottom. As far as I can tell it’s a older Redfield base before they started making them slimmer in the rear for the modern receiver styles. I’m having trouble telling if the bottom metal used on the M40 is the same in design as modern bottom metal (minus the weird crinkle crap). Also, given that finding a genuine M40 stock in next to impossible, I’ve heard that Kyle from Taylor Precision engineering make quality repo stocks. Thoughts and tips welcome. Thanks guys!

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    I have all parts needed off at Raven Rifles to build a .223 clone based on a 5 digit receiver.

    Im using a Kyle Taylor stock and its a nice piece of wood but Im the guy without the "eye" for the fine details. It provides enough similarity for my purposes.

    Ill also be using a "vintage" 700SA base with 1-66 rings.

    How legit you want to be is determined by you. Parts are out there but it will be costly.

    Regards your bottom metal. Comparing new to a 1968 vintage part I didnt see much difference in the actual casting but that krinkle black new stuff does suck. Period metal almost looks park in appearance. Much more attractive, Remington should bring it back.

    PS when/if you order from Kyle he did have proper butt plates and sling swivels might as well get a full package while there.
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    "...But they would never find anything to beat the old Springfield ...the long sleek streamline, very slim but with potent bulges, all in the just exactly right places to give it that pugnaciously forward-leaning, eager look that marked the Springfield. Beside it, the M1 looked like a fat old man puffing with a lack of training...the two most beautiful things made in America were the ax-handle and the clipper ship? ...they should have added one more thing: The Springfield '03 rifle..."


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      Great first post, welcome to the M40! Sounds like you have a great start as far as parts for your build. I don't have anything to add to pmclaine advice on parts other than there is a lot of great reference material on here to read.
      I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of your project


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        To be honest deltawiskey, I’ve probably gathered most of my information and knowledge from many of the posts on the sight. I’ll definitely share some pictures both of the progress and the finished piece!

        pmclaine, thanks for the tidbit about the bottom metal. I tend to have an eye for the small details but I’m willing to give a little slack on a few things such as the stock and the correct 40x base. I think the hardest part is actually sourcing the parts. Putting them together and enjoying the rifle on the range is the rewarding part.

        Thanks for the warm welcome and I’ll be sure to post pictures as the project comes along!


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          Kyle does excellent plus work on the stock! I have one of his stocks that was purchased with all metal. Unless, he does it differently, you will need to install the rear swivel yourself. Great product and great communication from a stand up guy.