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Three generations of specific usage bolt guns

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  • Three generations of specific usage bolt guns

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ID:	52604 New to this forum but not new to these era of weapons at least the two older ones. I am in way of introduction a 1966/67 Vietnam Marine first landing in Danang in June 1966 then to Hill 55. Short stay there then to DMZ for remainder of tour. This would be Dong Ha, Cam Lo, Con Thien, and Gio Linh for the ones of you Marines that were there then. Not a lot to comment about 55 but remembered what we called the "fingers" or if from mountains were the hollers. Still had M-14 at this time . All of this was in the Marble Mountain and Liberty bridge area with some even on Hill 327. Everything changed at DMZ from then until August 1967. Always a study of everything Vietnam and Marine Corps and my little offering is nothing other than that with so much knowledge and continued study here. First is the Model 70 which is a 1942 clip slot cut, five digit rifle listed in the group of numbers in Chandlers book with 14X Unertl. It is totally unaltered and in excellent shape. I know nothing of it heritage. The M-40 is a S.S.A. with 299 rifle number and 260 scope. The M-24 is just i guess later generation that was new in box with the Weber rear sight mount rather than Redfield. I couldn't find a Mark 4,10X40 M3 so used a Mark 4, 3.5X10 M1 LRT until i find one. Working on a early M-21 with early Army Weapons Command mount and Griffen & Howe with M-84 of which i have these and most everything else. I will post pictures taken in Vietnam if i find any related to our subject. Semper Fi

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    Those look great! Really nice, welcome


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      Welcome aboard Marine!


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        Welcome My Dad was in Vietnam during 1966/67 (Army Inf). Arrived Cam Rhon Bay, Tuy Hoa, and then a little North.

        Nice rifles


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          Very nice!


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            Nice! Time for an M40a1


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              Sweet post.

              Thank you for serving in a difficult time.

              I hope your sacrifices were not wasted.
              "...But they would never find anything to beat the old Springfield ...the long sleek streamline, very slim but with potent bulges, all in the just exactly right places to give it that pugnaciously forward-leaning, eager look that marked the Springfield. Beside it, the M1 looked like a fat old man puffing with a lack of training...the two most beautiful things made in America were the ax-handle and the clipper ship? ...they should have added one more thing: The Springfield '03 rifle..."


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                OUTSTANDING MARINE!!!!
                Just a heads up regarding AWC scope mounts. There are more repro ones out there than originals, and folks try to pass them off as originals for big money.
                Thanks for your service, and WELCOME HOME MARINE!


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                  Editing a comment
                  Yes i know about those but i have had this one for like 30 years. I don't like to think back too long on the two green scopes i had and three perfect A.R.T. 1 with cans. I can still remember the sound of the latches on the can and the wonderful smell inside it and the "rattle,rattle" of scope coming out of can.