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M40A1 with bipod???




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  • M40A1 with bipod???

    We're any of the M40A1s issued with a bipod? Added later? If so what bipod and when did they start using them?

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    I think some guys added Harris bipods later but none were ever issued as far as I am aware.


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      Thank you.


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        Its my understanding that just prior to the A3 coming on line guys were modifying the front sling swivel to accept a bipod in some manner and a member here actually has made an adaptor that replace the front sling swivel to provide a solid bipod mount.

        I dont know the full story of how that replacement adaptor came about but I wonder if it was something the Marine Corps initially did.
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          You can probably rip the loop out of a Wichita swivel and use the remains to secure a Harris... they might even have a few “damaged” ones to donate.

          Duct tape!!!

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        I had 2 return stocks that had bipod studs installed in front of the sling swivel. Not "spec" per say, but definitely added. I wish I hadn't, but I had em removed and filled when rifles were built and sold the other one.

        Also, SD I think was selling swivel studs, and yes a simple dremel of the loop makes a perfect interchangeable bipod stud adapter. Very useful.



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          DT, do you still have the "odd" M40A1 finger-painted stock?