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  • M40A1 Pics

    From a recent precision sniper match at Quantico. The PWS guys brought out a number of A1s, A3s and A5s. I wasn't consumed with the details at the time so the I didn't document the details, but I did get a few pictures I thought I'd post for the hive. Hopefully the next match I can get better pics and data. Enjoy.
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    Great pics! Thanks for taking the time to take and post them.

    Always great to see pics of real M40s up close. Also very interesting to see the different (and now unique) ways they did the forest camo pattern over the production years. Too bad McMillan’s just settled on the blotchy pattern in their molded in camos nowadays.


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      Thanks for posting.

      Interesting to see the USO modification on the Unertl. Makes me feel a little better about my modified scope on my M40A1...


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        A huge number, if not the majority of Unertls were USO modified. 42 of 98 Unertls I've recorded were modified. Feel good.

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        If PWS opens the vaults at the next match, what sort of data do you want?

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      Thanks for posting the pics, great to see that rifles serial number falling in the known block of numbers purchased in or around 1992.