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    USMCSGT0331 and I continued our discussions even though we both had frustrations and low points. Each of us stated our position and while our opinions may differ in certain areas, we both agreed on the common goal of learning while collecting.

    The link I originally posted is an aggregator of many auction sites from across the country and includes all kinds of collectibles. It's easily found, as are the items offered, through a keyword search on any of the major search engines. When I did my search, I think is was within the first 5-8 results on the first page. My opinion is posting links is no big deal; it offers the community the chance to view some nice rifles, critique them, learn from them, and make a decision whether to bid. I do not subscribe to the theory that people will not "know" about a particular auction with the possible exception of older collectors whose internet skills just plain stink. Those folks are usually in some sort of a clique and find out anyways (hopefully).

    My second thought is you post links to save people money through the expertise and knowledge of the community. I've tried to read every post here and noted people are quick to mention when an item may have an issue. Generally, the back-and-forth that follows is positive and a person can then make an informed buying decision. I could be wrong, but I do not think I see the same level of effort when prime examples of collectible or rare items are found and I find that frustrating. JMHO, but there were a group of people who reviewed the rifle in question and I can only assume, from the lack of posting here, found it to be the real deal and a gem. Sorry guys, but I have a problem with that sort of thinking, which I previously mentioned using my Garand community analogy. However, with all this said, I would have removed the link had anyone asked as long as they were nice about it.

    I have not done anything to further the learning or collecting knowledge of this community, but yet I've been accepted and helped, both on the forum and through PMs. I hope to continue and am saddened when any member decides to leave a group.

    ETA - Rethinking a supposition that was just that, an assumption; that A1 has NOT been authenticated and it would be an extreme risk to follow my assumption that because it has not been discussed, there must be a conspiracy to conceal a gem from the collective. Man, thinking over that thought process shows the danger in following that path, so please reach your own conclusion or ask the pros here.
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      Post had its uses.......Defender3 offered me a battle belt.
      "...But they would never find anything to beat the old Springfield ...the long sleek streamline, very slim but with potent bulges, all in the just exactly right places to give it that pugnaciously forward-leaning, eager look that marked the Springfield. Beside it, the M1 looked like a fat old man puffing with a lack of training...the two most beautiful things made in America were the ax-handle and the clipper ship? ...they should have added one more thing: The Springfield '03 rifle..."


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        lollll . Better have a laugh out of it.

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        So, dd you buy that one that was on sale?

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      Originally posted by USMCSGT0331 View Post
      Well, I finally have some time away from the family and I'd like to address this. I'm the one who messaged Defender3 about removing the auction link, to which he kindly obliged. I had no idea what kind of shit show this would turn out to be, so I would like to extend my apologies to both Defender3 and MescaBug.

      Defender3 and Mesca, I'm sorry that you guys took some heat from a few of the guys on here, their anger was irrational and misplaced. Both of you handled the situation with honesty and integrity. I'm very sorry that my actions put you guys in the frying pan, had I known this would be the outcome, my actions would have been different. Defender3 is a pretty cool guy and I've enjoyed our PM discussion. The community needs both of you guys to stick around and I hope that you guys will.

      That being said, the "sky is falling" conspiracy theories and knee jerk emotional reactions were completely uncalled for. Both Defender3 and Mesca told everyone exactly what happened, but unfortunately, a few people decided to pour some gas on the embers. I wish I had the time to hop on here sooner, but my visiting family takes precedence over internet squabbling. Emotions have always run high on this site, you've all but up with my shit over the years, so this isn't really anything new.

      I originally reached out to Defender3 and asking him to remove the link because myself and a few buddies had been watching these auctions for the past few weeks. The auction house was pretty obscure, no links had been posted on other sites and we put in countless hours researching most of the rifles that were listed (from WWII up until current). We ran serial numbers, picked apart every defining feature and even contacted previous owners to ask them about the guns in this auction (even though most of the sniper rifles came from 1 consignor, we found some of the guys who sold their rifles to him!). How many of you guys put this much work into researching a potential purchase?

      I spend weeks researching before I put a penny down on anything and I don't use any information that's posted on this site. It's tedious networking in order to gain knowledge, not some halfhearted internet discussion. I can guarantee that the people who know the history on some of these rifles aren't going to publicly share this information. There's a lot of information that isn't posted on this site and the only way to find it is to actually get off the computer and start talking to people.

      This decision to ask that a link be pulled was indeed in our best interest, we actually put the time into thoroughly researching every interesting rifle in this auction and we're ready to put money on the line. It's one thing to demand a forum discussion or to armchair quarterback, it's something completely different when you actually have skin in the game. With the amount of "I'm not bidding" posts from active members, I'm not sure how any of this actually affects most people here to begin with.

      This also isn't the first time I've asked someone to remove a link and I bet it won't be the last time either. I know other people who have done similar, it happens, welcome to the world of collecting. I do not threaten, force or use any underhanded tactic to make someone comply with my request. I ask nicely, and say "please" and "thank you." If the person chooses to keep their link up, then it ends there, no one else gets involved and I go away to prepare for the upcoming bidding war. I've seen members on this site do much worse than kindly ask a favor, so I'm not going to lose any sleep over irritating 2 or 3 people who want to lose their minds over this nonsense.

      However, this isn't the only reason why I contacted Defender3. I want you all to read a post I made a little over 2 years ago:

      "Even though I sent Majikani a PM giving him even more shit, I'm actually not even going to bid on this item and I never planned on bidding on it. Sorry Majikani, sometimes it's fun just to mess with people

      The main point I wanted to make with my post is that it's shitty to have live auction/sales links posted on a public forum. There are a lot of collectors out there who spend hours every single day trying to track down these items, only to have their chances of acquiring rare M40 stuff ruined.

      This forum has attracted tons of lurkers who just want these auction tips; lurkers who contribute nothing to our community or knowledge base. These individuals are capable of winning any auction out there and may not even be knowledgeable on what they're purchasing. Hell, most times the lurkers probably can't even find this stuff without help because it's been mislabeled, posted on a site they don't normally go on, etc. Why should we help these people out? If they want auction tips, they can participate in the forum and make friends here. I regularly talk to a few people on this forum and we freely share this type of info with each other.

      Phil mentioned a moral dilemma, whether or not to post an active link on the forum. On one hand you are sharing with friends, on the other lurkers can benefit and your friends will get outbid. In my opinion, there is a simple solution to this, just PM the auction link directly to members on here who are looking for that specific item. Majikani has started 2 separate WTB threads in the classified section that specifically states he's looking for an M40 scope. Had this thread not been started, I would have just PM'd him the link. This way our friends can benefit and you can feel good about helping someone out. Maybe then lurkers would also realize what's going on and then decide to become members of this community.

      Of course even if we all followed exactly what I wrote above, there is no guarantee that one of our forum members will win the auction. USMC sniper items have exploded in value in the last few years and there are more people than ever who are trying to track down these items. Definitely not a perfect system, but if we stop posting this stuff publicly, it might tip the hand of fate in favor of a community member here.

      I wish Majikani the best of luck in this auction, I know he's been looking for one of these scopes for a long time! And if he does win, hopefully he'll post pics of it that haven't been taken by Mr. Burrycam (like what's currently in the auction listing)!"

      We've had this discussion multiple times over the past few years, but I guess memory falls short at times. High profile auctions were good to post (after all, those auctions are advertised everywhere, have YouTube vids and thousands of eyes on), but no one posted stuff that was out of sight/out of mind. There have always been guys on this forum who've argued that all auction links should be posted in order to benefit the members of this site. However, roads paved with good intentions........

      At this point, I'd like you to check how many people are currently on this site. I'm going to take a random ass guess right now, but I'd say that the guests outnumber the members by a factor of at least 10 to 1. There's a lot of talk about "community," but who does that actually entail? For this forum, I believe the community is made up of members who actually contribute to the knowledge base on this site in one way or another. As I type this, there are currently 6 community members logged on and 127 nonmembers viewing our discussions. Most of those nonmembers are here for 2 main reasons - to seek out information and to get tips on upcoming auctions. This site is a one stop shop for lurkers who have absolutely no interest in joining this community and contributing to it.

      Posting auction links doesn't help level the playing field, it's just chumming the water to attract the sharks. I know for a fact that there are some heavy hitters watching this site right now and they are prepared to bid large on some very unique rifles at this auction. These are the kind of guys that make my collection look like the discount rack at your local Walmart. Not to mention that you guys probably won't ever see these guns again, these collectors are all about OPSEC and don't post anything online. For the members of this site, unless you're willing to part with a lot of money, you're not going to sneak any bids past these guys. I wish you guys the best of luck with the auction, I'm out, I'm already beat.

      You might not agree with my actions, but I've always been vocal about posting links to auctions that aren't as well known. Even if I wasn't planning on bidding, I would have still reached out to Defender3. You can hate me for what I've done, but like I've previously said, I won't lose any sleep worrying about such nonsense. This community has dealt with far worse - frauds, fake snipers, shit slinging and lurkers. To go atomic over one request is absolutely ridiculous, it changes nothing, and you guys still need to reach a defined conclusion about auction links once and for all. I gave my opinion with a few possible solutions years ago and even reposted it here in this long rant. I'm leaving this community after this post, so you all need to figure it out, together, and make the rules known.
      Worth saving so it to isn't copied/deleted and given to Asange or (whatever the wiikileaks guy) spells his name and then will be safely stored along with his "buddies" stuff in an underground vault somewhere next to a big rock southwest of Locate, MT.


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        I should have posted my drivel in a separate post, sadly I didn't notice thread had continued on to a second page. Chalk it up to error in data processing above my shoulders!

        Well, DeepC Infidel pretty much covered anything I would have said. Your self serving intent/greed not only is a kick in the onions to every member registered here with trying to limit access to auction info etc but probably you and your 'buddies' self serving GREED is also an attempt to line your pockets and short change the owner of such items by limiting information!!!!!! Perhaps some widow or the family could use a few extra grand that us p*sshead peasants caused you and your "buddies" to have to fork out. Your sorry excuse for deleting all your pics/posted information really is for spite and a tantrum for not getting everyone here to do as you 'demand' "politely". You know how you could help "educate" and/or help us out?, don't snarf up a dozen or more Redfields or dozens and dozens of 40X bases then stack them in your vaults!!!! "Politely ask" members here to do what is best for you and maybe you will take a pic of the bargain to post here until things go south and you and your "buddies" fondle it in your vaults while sipping expensive cognac and laughing over how the previous owner got short changed and the M40 idiots bowed to you??? Well, I am done, probably will post less yet after this as Mesca will probably axe me!!! Trust me, I don't like arguing etc and doing it via the net less so. Despite 12 times on an operating table, at least 2 strokes, scoliosis, severe RA and AS and having prosthetic mitral valve and pacer/defib I would much rather have said all this to your face(while fondling one of your many Redfields). Sure you will say I wouldn't but there is nothing you could do to me that life hasn't!!!!!!

        Ok, I am done and sincerely apologize to all those who make this forum possible and also to all its members. Not my style but sometimes things really really get ones goat!!! Also I apologize for my spelling and any other mistakes, short term memory issues and how my melon processes things it sees or types is not always as intended.



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          I am about as pc stupid as one can be and haven't figured out how to edit/delete so will add it here........When I first seen where Defender posted he was asked to delete his link I had a suspicion of who had contacted him and from 0331's past history my hunch was indeed correct. I am not smart enough to be right many times but was on this!!!