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  • Mcmillan 20% off

    I plugged in the promo code and the M40a1 spec stock comes out to $572 free shipping versus $715 plus shipping. Code is blackfriday3

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    WTF! When did the prices get so high?!!! $715 is outrageous.
    You can take a Marine out of the Corps, but you can't take the Corps out of a Marine.


    • deltawiskey
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      In June this email was sent out:

      We at McMillan would like to take this time to inform our customers of the price increase to molded-in finishes. We did not make this decision lightly, as history has shown we have not increased our prices in over 5 years. The reason for this increase is due to the work and time it takes to produce molded-in finishes. When McMillan first started 90% of the stocks were painted, and as time progressed the demand for molded-in finishes has since become the majority. What we have come to find out is that a molded-in stock cost about two to three times more and the wait time is much longer than that of a painted stock.
      We appreciate your understanding and trust in our products.
      - Kelly McMillan

    • kft101
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      Probably a combination of factors. Inflation and the loss of the guaranteed USMC contract revenue stream being the two main ones off the top of my head. Plus they announced this year that they were about to, or maybe already have, start charging extra for molded-in finishes. That's a turn-off for me as a consumer, especially considering the speed of innovation and adaptability of their competitors, but I don't know their numbers, so maybe it's what they have to do to stay in the black.