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Went to the range today

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  • Went to the range today

    So after accidentally putting a hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution in my eye by accident (my dominant eye even ) I decided to head to the range. Beautiful day and have the entire range to myself! Almost no wind, 5°C, and barely a cloud in the sky!

    My 100 yard group wasn't that great but after 10 rounds I turned it into one large ragged hole

    My 215 yard groups averaged just over 1/2 MOA. I've done better but I'm using my eye as an excuse

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    Federal Gold Medal Match 175?

    Ill be shooting mine today.

    20 Rounds 175 FGMM at 100 yards with the Magnetospeed dong hanging off the front.

    Want to get some speed info for my next reloading session.

    Pics to follow. You can see my groups and paint.

    Paint your rifle.

    Dont paint it desert though just because "Jarhead".

    Especially not because of "Jarhead".

    Personally hated the book and movie and having Jake Gyllenhall involved even more so. He should have stuck to Broke Back Mountain roles and never played Marine.

    Your area requires other than a desert. Very nice range by the way.

    You could use tan as a base because it always seems as some dead shit is around to blend in with both winter and summer but that pine forest looks pretty green against the white snow.

    You want some green, brown and in winter you might add some white masking to break it up more.

    "...But they would never find anything to beat the old Springfield ...the long sleek streamline, very slim but with potent bulges, all in the just exactly right places to give it that pugnaciously forward-leaning, eager look that marked the Springfield. Beside it, the M1 looked like a fat old man puffing with a lack of training...the two most beautiful things made in America were the ax-handle and the clipper ship? ...they should have added one more thing: The Springfield '03 rifle..."


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      Leo Conring built the A1’s for Jarhead. Super good Dude! I wish he was still building....such a talented individual. He built my first A1.

    • ArmedGinger
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      Jarhead was one of the few movies I've seen that had "real" M40A1 built rifles, from the correct scope to the correct mounts. Other places just grab any Remington 700 with a varmint barrel and throw any old scope on it. Some places try with the correct scope but you can see it has a rail and different rings. I'm too picky with most movie weapons haha.

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    Nice shooting! Especially with a 1980's technology fixed power scope.

    And always glad to see more pics of that stock.


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      is that a return stock? asking because the forearm looks textured.

      Love that stock tho.



      • ArmedGinger
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        No it's not a return stock. It's a standard Mcmillan HTG.

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      So after spending all morning at the hospital dealing with tests I went to the range with a friend to relax. It's nice having someone that forces you to push yourself.

      He keeps saying he's not that great of a shooter but I've been arguing with him on that fact and I think today I've proven it. He brought out his Remington 700 AAC-SD with a Vortex 6-24 PST in 308 and I of course brought out my M40A1. He didn't have any good ammo, just some Federal Power-Shok 150gr... you know, the Blue Box lowest of the low. With it he managed to pull off this 4 shot group (he was so amazed as was I he forgot to shoot his 5th round).

      All in all it was a good day although the sun disappeared soon after we started shooting. We had a lot of fun and I hope we can go out again.

      I call this picture "Grandpa and Grandson"


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        So I had to step up my game and started thinking of all the excuses I could muster. I shot my first round and it was 2 inches high. I immediately though something was going on with my gun since I had been doing random bullseyes before this. I told him I figured I pulled my shot and took a second... and it went through the same hole. I was wondering what was going on when he looked over and asked me, "Is your scope set for 200 yards?". Sure enough I looked and the dial on my MST-100 was still set at "2". Oops! I figured I'd just leave it there and shot my last three rounds and pulled out this 100 yard group.