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Wichita Arms Has Made A Run of Stock Studs If You Want to Use a Bipod

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  • Wichita Arms Has Made A Run of Stock Studs If You Want to Use a Bipod

    Wichita Arms, which makes the M40A1 stock sling swivels also used by people on their M40 clones, has made a run of stock studs, if you want to unscrew the sling loop and put in a stud instead. Maybe if you want to use a bi-pod or use a quick release sling swivel setup. Because of the unusual threads on the looped sling swivels, you can't really find a stud that fits from the ordinary commercial sellers. They are $30 each, kind of expensive but I was glad to find one. His number is 620-249-3959.

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    So them sumbitches stole my creation/idea? I'll sue them for every dollar I can get. Am sure I can get one of them TV class action Dewey Screwum & Howe Law firms to get me my fiddy dollurs!!!!!! lol


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      Cant possibly be as nice as the original .

      I ordered some swivels from Wichita a few weeks ago.

      Glad to find out the communication was great, prices reasonable and shipping was fast.

      I see all these posts in various places asking how to get Wichita swivels I thought it was going to be a pain in the ass but it ended up being a great experience.......

      ........not as nice as dealing with SDWhirlwind but still it was great to find out there was no heartache.