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My M40A1 build

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  • My M40A1 build

    Ive been lurking this page for years but finally pushed to acquire parts for the hardest rifle build I’ve ever endured.
    being down under building connections was tough and I hate saying it I was ripped off severely along the way. But let’s focus on the positives!!
    picked up completed rifle a few days ago.

    First range day today!
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    Zeroing was treacherous! Me and my spotter found out that for some bizarre reason the turret hex adjustment was backwards in contrast to the manual! Managed these groups which aren’t bad with zero cheek weld.
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      Nice! Is that a real Unertl unitized mount too?


      • deltawiskey
        deltawiskey commented
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        I have both Unertl and twoman mounts, how do you tell the difference?

      • kft101
        kft101 commented
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        @deltawhiskey I have both as well, and generally from what I can tell, the welds on the real Unertls are slightly smaller and cleaner than the repros made by thehogsden. Of course, the repros can get refined, so it may be only whatever secret difference that twoman's repro mounts have that one can really tell the difference.

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      Very nice rifle congrats!


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        Gorgeous rifle brother! That A5 is pretty darn nice too!!


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          Thanks mate!
          I just want to track down the correct scope for the A5 and it’ll be pretty much spec! I’m about to start an m40a3 project so if you’ve got any leads or parts I’m all ears