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  • Kiwi M40A3... rifle build

    Hi all,
    Thought I should say hi, rather than sit back and read everyone else’s posts…

    Currently my M40 clone is just following the A3 theme, rather than a true clone… here is what my plan is, and when the parts arrive I will post some real pictures… and hopefully in a few months a range report…
    I am from Auckland, New Zealand (a Kiwi), so obtaining the necessary parts is somewhat more difficult than if I was in the US, as ITAR is a little hurdle that is sometimes hard to jump. Anyway the parts I have or have on order are:

    Stock: McMillan A4 USMC Olive drab, Rem700 SA.
    (But with the clamp-bar cheek piece as it was in stock when I had the opportunity to get one, due in NZ early January)

    Action: Stiller Tac30 308 action and recoil lug. My gunsmith is the agent, so this ended up on it… (got this)

    Barrel: NZ Made true-flite, same profile as the M40 (1.2" x 3"long straight taper to 0.89"), Stainless steel, cerakote matt black, 25” long (24” from the recoil lug), with 1/12 RH 6 groove twist. (…Being made)

    Rings: Badger Ordnance #306-75 Steel USMC rings, 34mm x1”. (Got these)

    Trigger Guard: Badger Ordnance #306-82 M5 DBM. (On back order, just waiting…)

    Trigger: Timney 510 (As I think I read here it was similar to the original. Ordered, just waiting for delivery).

    Rail: I have a Badger Ordnance 20MOA rail, as well as the Stiller 20MOA… (If I was using a Remington action, I would try and get the USMC rail and mod the receiver as required...).

    Night Vision Mount: None. Was considering the Badger Ordnance #306-59 embedded front rail, but probably leave this off… due to saving some $$$.

    Scope: I have a Bushnell XRS 4.5-30x 50mm Mil-G2 in my spares box, so will use that for now…

    So the above is in keeping with the M40A3 theme, but I want to fit a Surefire SOCOM brake # SFMB-762-M18x1, but a little undecided...
    Anyway, that’s the plan, and assuming my backordered DBM comes in, I just need the brake…

    Attached is a picture of the stock from the McMillan website, and the brake I am considering.

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    Out of interest, here are some pictures of a Rem LA (300Win Mag) M40A3... built here in NZ...


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      Sounds like it’ll be a nice build!


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        Pictures of the action, not kosher I know, but will look the part from a distance :P